Based at our Birmingham clinic at the time, Damon completed Gordon’s scar camouflage work. As his before and after photos clearly show, Gordon’s transplant scars are now much harder to see. In Gordon’s own words “the scar is pretty much invisible unless you are really really looking for it” Gordon is now a regular in our forum, posting his initial report here, and sharing his photographs in this thread.



By Damien


  1. Joe Simone says:

    I have the same scar and I must say that looks amazing..What clinic did you get that done and who did it?…How much did that cost you..Your responce will be greatly appreciated..Joe

  2. alberto campos says:

    Honestly the scalp pigmentation work done on these individuals is impressive… almost hard to believe.
    What is the cost to fix similar hair transplant scarring
    100 plugs removed? I have noticed that most of the outstanding work is done in either Australia or Europe. Are there any offices in the USA that can perform at that level of perfection?

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