The Green Card Lottery is the familiar name for the annual draw that sees a significant number of permanent visa’s handed out to come live and work in the United Stated of America. But what are the rules? Who can apply to become part of that draw and what happens when you win? How do you apply for a green card? There is plenty to know. Here we provide an overview of the rules and regulations surrounding the process, along with some guidance on what to expect should you win. Maybe most valuable of all though, we give you a fantastic opportunity to set up in business under a world leading brand, and a chance to chase the American dream.   What Is The Green Card Lottery? Image result for green card lottery In 1990 the USA introduced the annual US Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (DV-2016). The idea was to encourage immigration into the US from countries which traditionally sent very few. Every year since anyone meeting the criteria has been able to apply – the successful will receive a lawful permanent residence visa. Each year 55 000 of the applicants are chosen at random and receive their visa, universally known as the green card… it green, and it is made of card. It is the randomized nature of how the names are selected, as well as the massive number of applicants, that has earned it the name “Green Card Lottery.” As an example the year 2010 saw over 15 million applicants. Each of the 55 000 winners is entitled to bring their wife and any children into the country too. We are concentrating here on the green card lottery but there are other types of green card available, those given to people who marry US Citizens for example. For the vast majority, winning the green card lottery remains their best hope of legitimately moving to America. Who Can Apply? queue There are a number of restrictions keeping the number of applicants down to a mere 15 million a year, and presumably many more by now. Before you are allowed to apply you will need to meet a set of selection criteria. You must have either completed 12 years of schooling or be able to evidence 2 years of work experience from within the last 5 years. If you do not meet these criteria you should not apply to the scheme as you will not be considered. As long as you do meet the requirements the application should be straightforward, but it is not the end of the road for checks if you are successful. Winners are then subjected to a series of further checks before receiving their card. If it is not believed that you will be able to support yourself you can be denied your card similarly if you have any serious criminal convictions it will act as an effective barrier to entry. Finally, there will be checks run to make sure you are not a threat to national security. Who Can’t apply? The original idea behind the scheme was to encourage immigration specifically from those countries that were considered under-represented in the USA. Bearing that in mind it should be no surprise there exists a list of countries considered to be perfectly well represented. Naturally, applications from these countries are excluded from the scheme. The full list is here:
  • Bangladesh
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China (mainland)
  • Colombia
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador
  • El Salvador
  • Haiti
  • India
  • Jamaica
  • Mexico
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Peru
  • Philippines
  • South Korea
  • United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland)
  • Vietnam.
What Do I Win? It is important to bear in mind that even for those successful applicants, the lottery winners, the prize really is just that piece of green card. Its entitlements are pretty simple and revolve around opportunity – They give you the right to live and work in the USA. What they do not do is get you there, you are responsible for any expenses involved in getting to America. Once there you will need to quickly find work and support yourself and any dependents. You will have no access to housing, healthcare or welfare benefits. How Can HIS Hair Clinics Help? his hair When we developed this process over 12 years ago, little did we know that it would have the impact on the hair loss industry that it has had. During this time, many imitators have entered the market and attempted to copy our approach and procedure. Despite these new arrivals, nobody has been able to consistently match our track record and quality standards. We have taken SMP across the world, and now is the time to take an even bolder step. Today, we offer an outstanding opportunity to enter that business under the HIS Hair banner, the premium brand in the industry. More than that we have a strategy which, executed properly, can lead to a legitimate entry to the USA. The journey starts when you apply for an E2 Visa, allowing you to work in one our US clinics. We take you through that process making sure you meet all the E2 Visa requirement.  It is a process that we support you through all the way, ultimately holding the promise of providing you with both a thriving business at the leading edge of its industry and a completely legitimate route to becoming a US citizen. Using a ten step process developed with our legal partners we can take you through the procedure for converting the E2 visa to a green card.     ianandranbir Despite massive growth in interest in SMP around the world, its share of the overall worldwide hair loss treatment market remains comparatively small. What does this tell us? We believe this tells us that the opportunity for growth remains huge, and still relatively untapped. There is a potential worldwide market that is waiting for easier and quicker access to the SMP solution than any single provider is able to facilitate. As we gave birth to this concept and remain committed to the highest standards of treatment, HIS Hair Clinics will stay at the forefront of the global push of SMP. That is why we believed 2015 was the time for us to launch our worldwide Franchise Package. If you are interested in owning your own SMP business, HIS Hair Clinic can help you make it happen. We plan to help people all over the world realise their ambition of entering the SMP business. Whether you want to start a brand new clinic in a location to suit you; or if you are interested in taking over an existing HIS Hair Clinic location – we want to talk to you. The opportunity Image result for opportunity knocks public domain Our plan is to expand the US operation to 30 clinics. Having successfully established 7 clinics there we already have the battle scars and experience required to avoid all the pitfalls. Indeed, it is the established HIS Hair USA Inc. business that is the vital first step on the road to your becoming a citizen. We are looking to sell franchises for new and existing HIS Hair Clinic locations in the United States, using a business operating licence, to UK based people who have always had a passion or dream of emigrating to living and working there. How can HIS help me get into the USA? Image result for entry to the USA public domain For a green card application to be successful it would generally require a $1m investment and creation of 10 full time posts for someone to be successful. If you are capable of raising this level of investment it seems unlikely you are in desperate need of our help with the visa… though we remain a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to set up in business. But for the majority this size of commitment is simply unachievable. This is where our franchise opportunity and experience of working in the USA comes into play. The required level of investment is relatively very low, with that investment comes access to one of our key partners – USA based business immigration lawyers with offices in Miami, San Francisco and London. Their focus is almost entirely on the E2 (treaty investor) and L-1 (Business expansion) visa categories. They provide advice and representation to companies and individuals from all over the world seeking to gain a foothold in the USA… with the aim of permanent settlement. We will be establishing 30 HIS Hair Clinics, either owned or franchised, in the USA. With our existing US business, HIS USA Inc, we are immediately able to obtain an E2 visa – which allows you to work at one of our USA clinics. We understand that simply having an E2 visa does not lead directly to the cherished green card but with the support of our lawyers we can take you through a detailed ten step process that does make this possible. It is with the experience and expertise that they bring to the table we can anticipate converting your E2 Visa to a green card with confidence. Top 5 reasons for choosing HIS Hair Clinics as your route into the USA
  1. Relatively low investment to gain US visa
  2. 98% success rate on all visa approvals
  3. A robust process for people wanting to gain legal entry into the United States
  4. Associated offices in UK and USA.
  5. Working under a premium brand delivering a world-beating product in a high growth industry
Finally, there are the critical questions around exactly what it is you are buying into. What precisely is it you will receive as a franchisee? Here is a brief list of the essentials: What does a HIS Hair franchisee receive?
  • Highest quality training from the people with the longest track record of quality results
  • Your own exclusive territory
  • Business start-up support
  • On-going mentoring
  • Access to the HIS Hair Ltd world-wide Marketing programme
  • The right equipment to get you started
  • Be part of the world’s leading SMP community
  • A profitable and successful business!!
What do I need to do next? We fully appreciate that this is one of the most important decisions you will ever take. For that reason we do not believe that you should look for all your answers on this, or any other, page on the internet. Rather we would invite you to make an appointment to meet with us. The meeting can take place at any of our clinics and the full details of our proposition discussed at length… including taking you through the detailed process that can take you to your green card. To register your interest please write, in the first instance, to with the words “Franchise Enquiry” in the subject box. We look forward to hearing from you.        



By Ian Watson


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