With TV star Jacqueline Jossa, famous for her part in long running UK soap Eastenders, recently speaking out about her post-baby hair loss and encouraging other young mothers to do the same, it seems the problem is becoming more widely publicised. [http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3146113/Jacqueline-Jossa-reveals-suffered-post-baby-hair-loss-following-pregnancy.html] But what causes hair loss after pregnancy?   Hormonal fluctuation   hormone   The high levels of hair loss you experience after giving birth, known as telogen effluvium, are due to fluctuations in hormones, but actually – although it may seem like you are losing a lot of hair – it was the pregnancy hormones that were really affecting your hair, causing its cycle to slow down, and this sudden extreme hair loss is in fact a sign of your hair returning to its natural state.   Will I go bald? bald woman   It’s very unlikely! Because the cycle of hair growth slows down during pregnancy, less of your hair falls out on a daily basis than it normally would. You may have noticed that your hair seemed thicker while you were pregnant – that’s because it was! The extra hair you are losing now is really just the hair you would have been losing every day for the past nine months, if you hadn’t been pregnant. Over the next few weeks and months the hair loss will slow down and your hair will return to normal.   What other hormonal changes can affect my hair?   Menopause   Although it’s not thought of as one of the more common symptoms, female hair loss can happen during the menopause. Oestrogen and testosterone are the hormones that have the biggest influence on hair growth, and as levels of these hormones alter radically during the menopause – with oestrogen levels falling dramatically and testosterone levels surging – this can cause hair to fall out, and existing hair to be thinner. It can also – rarely – cause women to grow facial hair.   Polycystic Ovary Syndrome   Polycystic ovary syndrome can also cause hair loss in women, so if you have noticed an excessive amount of hair loss recently and you have not recently given birth and are not approaching the age when you would expect to commence the menopause, it might be worth contacting your doctor. Other symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome include infrequent or absent periods, weight gain, pelvic pain and anxiety.   If your hair is falling out and you have recently had a baby – don’t worry! It is a perfectly normal side effect of giving birth and should resolve itself fairly quickly. Here’s some top tips on how to reduce hair loss after pregnancy.   # 1 Choose your hairstyle wisely cornrows Hairstyles, such as tight ponytails, braids or extensions, will cause stress and trauma to the hair follicles increasing the amount that is shedded. Over time this can develop into traction alopecia that can permanently damage the hair follicles if not treated.   # 2 Diet is all important healthy eating Just as we know a particularly restricted or faddy diet can impact on hair production, a healthy diet that is full of fruit and vegetables can boost your hair follicles, encouraging hair growth. Although a varied diet, full of fresh food, should contain all the vitamins and minerals you need, you may wish to top up your nutrient levels by taking supplements of vitamin B complex, E and C and zinc, all of which are none to increase hair health.   # 3 Take care of the hair you have wide comb Don’t encourage unnecessary shedding – a wide-toothed comb will cause less trauma to the hair follicles and taking a break from heating and styling your hair is a must.   # 4 Don’t stress relax That’s an easy thing to say but a harder thing to do when you have a young baby, but stress and associated fatigue can accelerate hair loss.   If you are experiencing hair loss for any other reason, please remember that it is perfectly normal to lose up to 100 hairs per day. If you think you are losing significantly more than this, contact your doctor for advice. To read the original article from the Daily Mail click here   For more haircare advice, book a free consultation today with the experts at HisHair Clinic.  



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