Most will have heard of a shock having the ability to turn it’s victims hair white, or worry to turn it grey. In fact, any shock or traumatic event can result in hair loss. Telogen Effluvium is the name given to this form of alopecia that sees random hair loss across the scalp of the sufferer. Hair loss bought on by trauma is more common than you think, we tell you what you need to know.

Don’t Panic!

dont panic   The single most important thing to bear in mind about Telogen Effluvium is that it’s effect are usually temporary. With that out of the way hopefully the rest of this piece will not cause too much worry. Telogen Effluvium can be brought on by just about any tough life event you can think of. We saw a rare case of a girl who had suffered alopecia totalis following a difficult break-up from a long term boyfriend – losing all her hair from everywhere. More often it can be the death of a loved one, major surgery or illness, being made redundant or some other radical change in your circumstances. Most of us will know someone who has had an experience, my Uncle served with the British Army in Korea as a young man. That I only ever knew him as having white hair was a legacy from his time there… I was told it happened overnight during heavy shelling of their position. It happens because your body will react chemically to shock. According to the strength of that reaction, varying amounts of hormones will be released – your body going into a sub-conscious panic state will which will reduce the supply of essential nutrients to non-essential services. While we might vigorously disagree your body can deem hair as surplus in times of crisis.

Growth Interrupted

hair growth The usual three phase growth cycle of your hair can be affected. Anagen is the phase where hair grows, it can last between 3 and 7 years. It is followed by the Catagen phase, the hair will stop growing and the follicle will shrink. There is then a resting phase, called Telogen, which lasts around 100 days. So following the trauma it might be that it takes anything up to that 100 days before you notice a significant difference. In normal times you can expect around 90% of the follicles on your scalp to be in the Anagen, growing, phase.That ratio falls after Typically by this stage you should begin to see an improvement, although complete recovery can take anything up to 6 months, more in a few cases, and every now and again no recovery is made. As in the case of my Uncle… never sure if it was the era he was bought up in (he was fairly old when I was little) or the white hair at the age of 22 that shaped him, either way the hair suited him.

Help Yourself

Image result for recovery public domain Sensible measures can help if you are suffering from Telogen Effluvium. A healthy diet and an exercise regime will accelerate you on your way back to wellness. You should find derma rollers and especially mesotherapy helpful too. If you want to discuss your hair loss situation with one of your experts find you nearest HIS Hair Clinic by clicking here.  



By Ian Watson


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