There are so many alleged reasons for hair loss listed online that it can be hard to differentiate between what’s real and what’s an old wives tale. That’s why we’re here to separate the facts from the myths! Notion: Drying your hair can cause hair loss. hairdryer Verdict: Myth. Hair dryers can certainly dry out your hair causing damage or even breaks, but it cannot directly contribute to hair loss. Drying of the hair will only impact on the hair shaft itself, not your hair follicles. Notion: Shampooing daily will speed up hair loss. washing hair Verdict: Myth. Over doing it on the shampoo wont speed up hair loss, but it can be damaging to your hair shaft itself. Often excessive shampooing can lead to hair that becomes greasy quickly; our advise is the shampoo every other day for healthy hair. Notion: Wearing a hat can make you lose your hair. hat Verdict: Myth. Whether you’re wearing a hat to hide early stages of balding or if you just like the look – don’t fear! Unless you’re wearing a hat so tight that it’s cutting off your blood circulation, you absolutely won’t be causing any harm to your hair. Notion: Hair loss is hereditary. fatherson Verdict: True. Although not true in every instance, often hair loss can be caused by your genetic. The more people in your family who have struggled with hair loss, the more likely you will too. Are you currently experiencing hair loss? Hair loss can be traumatic for many men, but don’t suffer in silence. Here at HIS Hair we’re here to help, we don’t endorse the notion of you getting a hair transplant or Googling crazy remedies because we already know the simplest of answers – Scalp Micropigmentation. So how does Scalp Micropigmentation work? One of our highly trained practitioners cosmetically tattoos the scalp; providing our clients with a natural aesthetic and long lasting solution. If you’re interested in learning more about HIS Hair please visit: To book a consultation please ring HIS Hair on: 0845 604 4618



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