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Samsung Enter Hair Loss Market

17th December 2019

Samsung has teased a list of new products we can look forward to seeing at an upcoming tech show. Included is a device with an app that is built to help us manage our hair and scalp. We look closer.    Samsung Electronics We are always pleased to announce newcomers to the hair loss market. […]

Scientists Reveal New Hair Loss Mechanism

13th December 2019

A New York team of scientists has uncovered a previously unknown mechanism involved in hair loss. It creates an entirely new avenue of research, one that might lead to new drugs that can help sufferers. We look closer.    Dermal Papilla Cells A team at New York’s Icahn School of Medicine in Mount Sinai has […]

New World Beating Hair Loss Treatment

09th December 2019

Follica has been beavering away at their hair loss cure for some time. Now they have announced the results of Phase II Testing and may just have something really exciting on their hands. We look closer.   FDA Approval Marques The FDA has only ever approved two hair loss medications for the treatment of androgenetic […]