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Textured 3D SMP®

Combined treatment using SMP® and FUE to give you a real, textured finish

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Hair Transplant treatments starting from as little as £3,000.

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Interesting Findings From Hair Loss Research

18th August 2018

Researchers have been busy getting mice hairy again, but their hair loss research has thrown up some interesting facts. We look closer.   The Study John Hopkins University School of Medicine have been working on hair loss, news that is guaranteed to pique our interest. Subroto Chatterjee is a professor of pediatrics and medicine there […]

Green Tea For Hair Loss

16th August 2018

Green tea has a reputation as being useful to those suffering from hair loss, where does that reputation come from, and is it true. We take a closer look.   Green Tea In History In fact, green tea is something of a simplification as a description. All green tea is made with leaves from the […]

Scalp Shine And How To Fix It

14th August 2018

Scalp shine comes up as a question on the forum on a regular basis. So we look to gather the contributions and try to make sense of them.   Head Shine For some it simply isn’t a problem, they either do not suffer with it or do and don’t care… much like hair loss itself. […]