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Textured 3D SMP®

Combined treatment using SMP® and FUE to give you a real, textured finish

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Hair Transplant treatments starting from as little as £3,000.

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Parents Say Son’s Life Ruined By Hair Loss

17th October 2018

Trish Murphy, a psychotherapist, hosts a letters page in the Irish Times. A letter from a couple of anxious parents regarding the devastation wreaked on their son’s life by his hair loss was a tough read… we look closer.   Trish Murphy  Trish is the resident psychotherapist at the Irish Times, a daily broadsheet in […]

Organic Solution For Female Hair Loss

14th October 2018

We are not normally given to promoting products on these pages, but this one came with a ringing endorsement and offers a wholly organic approach to restoring thickness for women experiencing hair thinning.   Female Hair Loss – A Hidden Problem There are an estimated 6 million women in the UK alone suffering from hair […]

Women Hair Loss Sufferers Share Their Solutions

12th October 2018

Two very different women experienced a dramatic version of the same illness, but chose very different solutions. We look closer.   Female Hair Loss In The Media There has been a noticeable uptick in the number of articles we see covering the issue of hair loss for women. Celebrities have inspired many by publicly sharing […]