William hairPrince William surprised everyone today by unveiling a new hairstyle whilst he was visiting the Evelina’s children’s hospital in support of the Step into Health initiative.  It seems he may finally have come to terms with the hair loss that has plagued him since his early 30s as he taken the brave but applaudable step of shaving it all off leaving a smart and rather cool looking buzz cut.

The days of the combover are over

It a look that’s becoming increasingly popular.  Let’s face it, with over 50% of men suffering from male pattern baldness by the time they’re 50 hair loss is not an uncommon problem.  Fortunately, the days of the Bobby Charlton/Arthur Scargill combover are hopefully behind us although maybe Donald Trump would disagree. With more and men reaching for the razor it’s hardly surprising that scalp micropigmentation is becoming one of the fastest growing hair loss procedures around the world. A skilled practitioner will work wonders on a bald or balding head in one to two sessions that last up to 3 hours.  It’s non-invasive, unlike a transplant and involves the injection organic pigments into the scalp using fine microneedles.  The results can be truly astonishing with friends and family unable to differentiate the results from the real thing.

The secret is in the training

The secret is in high quality training and using the first session to see how the SMP settles down and how best to develop into a 3d layered look.  It’s never going to replace the lost wavy locks of your youth but the crew cut is always fashionable and is as acceptable in the board room as the sports field. What it also does is convey the impression of choice – “I have hair I’ve just chosen this style” So, if you want to follow William’s lead why not reach for the razor.  It surely won’t be long before Harry follows suit.



By Ian Watson


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