Hair transplant surgery can be life changing, and for many men suffering from hair loss it is something they aspire to and spend many years saving for. However, the life-changing effects of a hair transplant are not always positive. Hair transplant surgery techniques are constantly evolving and the procedure itself is very difficult to perform, which means that unless your surgeon is highly skilled and experienced you could end up with very apparent “plugs” in your hair line where the follicles have been transplanted.

What can be done?

Hair transplant surgeons launch hair transplant repair organisationA new project, called Project Repair, has been set up to help men who have suffered from hair transplant disasters. Project Repair was developed by Joe Tillman, who dubs himself “the original hair transplant mentor”, in collaboration with a number of hair transplant surgeons from the United States and Europe. The aim of the project is to offer hair transplant repair surgeries for free to men who have been negatively affected by their hair transplant surgery.

Why was the project set up?

The founder of Project Repair, Joe Tillman, himself went through two failed hair transplant procedures in his twenties. Having since found a reliable surgeon to perform a repair job, Mr Tillman then dedicated his life and career to educating other men about the dangers of hair transplant surgery and how to ensure you find a reputable surgeon.

How does it work?

The HairTransplantMentor website contains a form for potential applicants to Project Repair to fill in, containing basic details such as age and location as well as the details of previous hair transplant surgeries. When your application is received, it is assessed by the doctors and if you are deemed eligible, you will be referred to the surgeon that is best suited to your needs. Unlike other similar projects, you are not required to release images of the surgery to be used in publicity. All repair surgery is free of charge, although you will be asked to pay for your own travel and accommodation.

What else can be done?

Another option for men who have experienced bad hair transplant surgery is scalp micropigmentation SMP – a technique that is most often used to create the illusion of a closely-shaven full head of hair. However, SMP can also be used to cover scars from hair transplants, or to fill in patchy areas between plugs. The process is similar to tattooing, but a specialised instrument is used to deliver pigment into the scalp at varying angles and depths, to create a very realistic representation of hair follicles.



By Ian Watson


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