In a survey aimed at getting to grips with how men feel about losing their hair it came out as the number 1 fear. We know better than most just how upsetting it can be to suddenly be confronted at the prospect of a life without hair, but just how scary is it? We take closer look.

Question Time

survey A substantial survey of 2,000 UK men aged between 18-24 was conducted to support the launch of a new hair-care product, on behalf of Jamie Stevens haircare products. They were shown a list of possible life events and  compared how those experiences might match up to their fear of hair loss. Don’t get us wrong, we realise that this will have been a mildly biased exercise from the outset, given that the research company’s client was a hair-care manufacturer with a clear need for the survey to produce a confident result. Nonetheless, the degree to which the survey uncovered a depth of feeling about hair for young men was remarkable.

Scared? I Should Say So

Image result for fear public domain images It is possible to apply a clinical view of some of the questions… for example, many respondents declared they would rather have a full head of hair then a supermodel wife, or a promotion. Well, either of those things might be fraught… a supermodel wife would be notoriously high demand. While promotion for many might mean onerous responsibility and bossing your former friends in return for a modest increase in salary. However, it is hard to argue that something serious is going on when they are telling you they would rather lose their job or have their partner be unfaithful than lose their hair. In specific questions about their hair a full third confessed to worrying about their hair on a daily basis and over 10% saying they had lost sleep with the worry. For us though, the absolute clincher was that one in six described losing their hair as their number one fear. It speaks volumes about just how sensitive an area it can be, and why so many who suffer while still young choose to do something about it.

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HIS logo We hope this survey serves an important purpose, by helping young sufferers to understand they are far from alone. So many come to HIS Hair having spent years unaware of the treatment, or aware but too nervous to take the next step. Consultations with our friendly experts are completely free, and will give you the chance to ask all your questions… maybe even see someone being treated. To find your nearest clinic click here.



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