The cosmetic world offers a plethora of promises in the anti-aging arena. Products are on offer that claim they reduce wrinkles, firm up skin, increase glow and radiance…there are even products that say they can anti-age your hair. Visible signs of aging are evident in hair – the most noticeable symptom of aging hair is when it loses its colour begins to grey, but in time hair also gets thinner and more fragile too. It can also lose volume, appearing flatter and lack lustre. There are three simple hair loss remedies to restore youthful appearance to hair; style, colour and conditioning; and a multitude of products and tips offering assistance for each.

Let’s start with style

There is ultimately no stopping the natural aging progress of hair, and almost everyone will notice a difference in the way that their hair looks and feels. Use this as an opportunity for a re-style! Adapting to the appearance of older hair doesn’t mean adopting an older-looking style, but it does mean it is sensible to recognise your hair’s limitations and work with them. Choosing a style that is shorter and ensuring your hair trimmed regularly can help reduce the appearance of thin, whispy locks and can help hair flatter your face and neck.


hair loss remediesThere is a delicate balance between colouring hair to preserve its original tones and damaging hair as it becomes more delicate. There is no denying the fact that masking greys will restore a more youthful looking appearance, although try not to overdo it. Colour in moderation, focus on key areas like the roots when it needs touching up and if you’re dying your hair, try to ease back on other intensive styling techniques, as these can also cause hair to become dry, brittle and appear thinner.

Conditioning treatments

Leave in treatments and conditioners are a great way to restore moisture to hair that is dry or weak, and this can help restore volume and shine. Look out for products containing B vitamins and antioxidants, as these can help strengthen hair. Again, it is important to ensure that you don’t over-do it, as excess products can weigh down the hair leaving it flat and heavy. Focus attention on the tips and don’t leave treatments on the roots for too long as this can make hair greasy.



By Ian Watson


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