oscar hair lossWe’re into the award season now with the BAFTAs already done and the Academy Awards only a few weeks away.  Whilst there’s plenty of coverage of female stars on the red carpet most of the discussion will be about the gown chosen for the evening.  Spare a thought for the leading men though.  For them it’s less likely to be about the choice of clothes (after all a tux is a tux) but more about the state of their hair.  Even the first appearance of a bald patch is likely to attract the attention of the world’s press. So, what can be done to deal with the unforgiving glare of the spotlight?
  1. A Hair System – great for maintaining the age defying look of youth but high maintenance and there’s the constant risk of being caught out or just the speculation about the hair becoming the main story. Just think Burt Reynolds.
  2. A hair transplant. This can be a great solution and things have moved on in leaps and bounds in the last 10 years or so.  It does depend on deep pockets which shouldn’t be a problem for any established stars.  It also requires a recovery period which could mean time out of the limelight and it’s only viable whilst there’s enough hair on the back and sides to transplant on top.
  3. Scalp Micropigmentation –   This could be the way forward. Firstly, it’s great at covering up an emerging bald spot because it reduces the contrast between scalp and hair but it’s also a long term, low maintenance solution to hair loss.  It’s never going to replace film star flowing locks but it will create a spotlight proof illusion of a real buzz cut.
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By Ian Watson


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