Welcome to HIS Hair Clinic, home of the world’s most innovative hair loss solution. Founded by Director Ian Watson in 2002, the popularity of SMP has grown exponentially, and has gained the trust and respect of the global hair loss community, alongside hundreds of hair loss sufferers worldwide. Ray

Who are HIS Hair Clinic?

HIS are the innovators of cosmetic scalp pigmentation techniques, modified and perfected to create an effective, permanent and hassle-free hair loss solution. Our SMP technique is internationally recognised, and our experience, expertise and results are widely regarded as being the best in the world. We are not a high street hair dresser, a permanent make-up or beauty centre or a tattoo studio. We are a dedicated hair clinic with a professionally qualified team of hair loss experts. We’ve developed our SMP™ scalp pigmentation treatment using a sophisticated blend of science and cosmetic creative flair. SMP™ scalp pigmentation treatment is unique, the techniques are safe, the results are instantaneous and represents exceptional value for money in comparison to other surgical and pharmaceutical hair loss treatments.

What is the SMP™ Micro Hair Technique?

The Micro Hair Technique is a specialist scalp pigmentation treatment that has been developed by combining micro-pigmentation, a form of cosmetic tattooing and finally, regular artistic tattooing techniques. Matt SMP™ is nothing like a regular tattoo. Unlike regular tattooing, SMP™ requires the practitioner to apply the technique using a multitude of different needle sizes, penetration depths, angles, pigment colours and distribution rates depending on the specific area of the scalp being treated at the time, the skin tone of the individual and the desired final appearance. The needles do not penetrate as deeply as they do with a standard tattoo and we use tested pigments, not tattoo inks that change colour. We use computer controlled microfine needles in triple clusters to achieve the guaranteed consistency of results that scalp pigmentation demands. A period of more than 8 years has been used to fully understand, assess and gain expert knowledge and technical know-how of exactly what happens to the treated area of scalp over this sufficiently long period of time. Clinical trials supported with clinical evidence were absolutely necessary in order to successfully take our innovative hair loss treatment from an initial concept to establishing a fully developed clinical process that ensures consistent repeatability of flawless results.

What does SMP offer hair loss sufferers?

For many of our clients, they come to us following years of feeling inadequate, unattractive or old before their time. We’ve treated clients who had lost their entire head of hair by the time they reached their early twenties. People who have been victims of ridicule, abuse and low self-esteem when they should have been enjoying the best years of their lives. We’ve treated men who have spent thousands on hair loss pills, only to suffer severe side effects including erectile dysfunction and poor sex drive. Then there are the clients who, in order to feel comfortable with their appearance, are forced to wear wigs or spray on temporary concealers to hide their hair loss from those around them, living in constant fear that their hair will fall off, be blown off or be rained off should they be caught outside in bad weather. Some of our clients come to us in a state of desperation, having tried everything to sort out their hair loss problem, even resorting to expensive and invasive surgery, leaving the individual with extensive scarring. Each failed solution perpetuates a vicious cycle of worry, low confidence and poor self-image. Jang Quite simply, the Micro Hair Technique offers freedom. Freedom from the feeling of low self-worth experienced by so many hair loss sufferers. Freedom from pills, lotions, hair systems and temporary concealers that serve only to delay or cover up the problem. Above all, the Micro Hair Technique offers the freedom to leave hair loss behind, regain lost confidence and enjoy life to its fullest once again.

What is the process?

If you are fed up with your hair loss and want to take action, the first step is to contact us to arrange a consultation. Depending on your location, this can be completed face-to-face or over the telephone. We may even be able to arrange for you to meet one of our existing clients, so you can assess our remarkable results for yourself. Remember, you are under no obligation whatsoever, and our advice remains absolutely impartial. Following your consultation, should you decide that SMP is the answer you’ve been searching for, we will arrange your treatment date. Most treatments take no more than 2-3 sessions to complete, however this will depend on your individual requirements. Our costs are extremely competitive and totally transparent, and are fully explained before you commit to any treatment.

Where can I obtain more information?

A range of typical case studies can be found here. In addition we have also published a video library on YouTube which can be viewed here. If you have any specific questions, please contact us directly. You may also find it useful to discuss the treatment with existing clients in our forum.

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