cure for baldnessAdvances in hair restoration are being made all the time, but manufacturers are usually cautious of claiming a ‘cure’ for androgenetic alopecia. However, according to Japanese skincare and cosmetics company Shiseido, we don’t have to look too far into the future to find one – just three years, in fact. Their revolutionary hair regeneration project, the product of a partnership with RepliCel Life Sciences, is hotly anticipated and is due to be made commercially available in 2018.

Will it work for all cases of hair loss?

This treatment is appropriate for those suffering with androgenetic alopecia where a predisposition to hereditary hair loss allows the testosterone byproduct DHT to miniaturise, and effectively kill off, the hair follicles.

So, what is this cure?

The development of this treatment began with 2012 Nobel Prizewinner Shinya Yamanaka’s discovery that mature cells can be converted into stem cells. These findings and their relation to genetic hair loss were furthered by a team at the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute in California who found that it was possible to convert human stem cells into dermal papilla cells, crucial players in forming hair follicles. From this came the development of a procedure using cell regeneration to re-activate existing hair follicles. The technique entails extracting hairs from the scalp at root level, isolating cell populations from the healthy hair follicles, replicating these cells and then injecting them back into the balding areas of the scalp. With the follicles rejuvenated, regrowth can follow. The product they have developed is currently undergoing multiple clinical trials and all those eager for a baldness cure will be keen to learn how to access it when it is launched in 2018.



By Ian Watson


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