Eyebrow transplantWhen I was younger the style was to have very groomed eyebrows, so for years I waxed and over-plucked them. Now I have thin and patchy brows and spend ages filling them in, but they still look really unnatural. Is it possible to have them restored permanently? There are thousands of women in your position today – for years, very thin, over-plucked eyebrows were the ultimate sign of grooming, but these days thick, bushy brows are de rigeur and for most of us it is not easy to return our brows to their natural state. So, what are the options? You say that you find it difficult to get a natural looking result by drawing them in yourself, which means that waiting until they grow back properly is out of the question. Here are some things you can do to get your eyebrows more in vogue:

Cosmetic tattooing

Permanent make upYou can get some very realistic results from permanent cosmetics these days, and if you do your homework you could find that this answers your needs. The downside, of course, is that you are stuck with these eyebrows for life, so if the style changes again, you can’t just pluck them into fashion.


There are a number of different serums on the market that claim to help your eyebrows grow faster. You apply the serum at night and the promise is that you will have thicker, fuller brows within weeks, although there are very few studies to back this up.

Eyebrow transplant

It is possible to have hair follicles transplanted to the eyebrows, just as you would if you suffered from hair loss elsewhere. The hairs are transplanted from a donor area – often behind the ears – to the brow area and positioned in your chosen shape. The eyebrow transplant procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and carries minimal downtime, as the hairs are transplanted individually rather than in a strip, so there is no unsightly scarring. The results are both immediate and permanent, although as with a normal hair transplant procedure you may see some shedding around two to five weeks post operatively, as the new hair follicles begin to settle in. As the hairs begin to grow, you may need to trim them to maintain the desired appearance, but if you are used to plucking or colouring your brows on a regular basis this shouldn’t pose much of an issue.



By Ian Watson


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