beckham baldOne of the UK’s most iconic athletes, David Beckham has been pictured out in New York sporting a new look. Beckham has grown his hair out just above his shoulders; however he appeared to be sporting a thinner hairline and a growing bald patch on the crown of his head.

Why would Beckham be losing his hair?

A few months ago fans realised that Beckham is being pictured more often wearing his beanie hats or sports hats and it’s also clear from a number of interviews with the football star that he is afraid of losing his hair in the future. This is most likely because Beckham’s father has now also gone bald, which suggests that the top footballer could already be genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness. Despite possibly inheriting the condition, Beckham can still take steps to retain a healthy head of hair before the hair thinning becomes more noticeable. One of the best ways to hold onto healthy, thick growing hair is to maintain regular well-balanced diet and exercise – which we are sure that Beckham must be doing judging by his excellent physique!

Hair loss solutions for Beckham

Otherwise if the hair loss begins to catch up with him, Beckham could always consider hair transplants. Hair transplants are growing in popularity across the world, especially since multiple footballers such as Wayne Rooney and Jason McAteer have broken the taboo around the cosmetic surgery in recent years. Back in 2000 we all saw Beckham sporting his famous shaved head which inspired many young men to imitate his look. Beckham could easily bring that look back by shaving it all off and undergoing a quick scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) procedure.  Alternatively he doesn’t want to go for the shaved look he could still undergo the  procedure to mask his bald spot on the crown of his head and to make his hair appear denser.



By Ian Watson


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