Ah, the Kardashians. The family name is synonymous with “fame whore” – or any variation of that phrase. The name became well known in the 1990s thanks in part to Robert Kardashian, OJ Simpson’s trial attorney, but it really became a household name after daughter Kim decided to run a play out of the ‘Paris Hilton Get Famous Now’ playbook by releasing her very own homemade video of mature content.

Since capturing the public eye, the Kardashian family has never looked back and played a major role in ushering in the reality TV phenomenon with shows like Keeping Up With the Kardashians and spinoffs like Khloe and Lamar and Kourtney and Kim/Khloe Take whatever city they’re in. The Kardashians seem to always be in the news for one reason or another, rarely for positive reasons. But like they say in the entertainment industry: there’s no such thing as bad press. But recent headlines (no pun intended) for one of the family members is shining the spotlight on something negative, no matter how you spin it. Kris Jenner, the infamous ‘mom-ager’ (an industry term for a mother who acts as their child’s manager) of reality TV ‘star’ Kim Kardashian, recently had unflattering photos surface showing what appears to be some serious thinning going on with her hair. Always one to sport the ‘short and sassy’ haircut, the new photos show her sporting a little less on top. She fails the natural light test with the sun really revealing the thinning areas on the side of her scalp. Seems like Kris Jenner's personal life has taken a toll as she shows a little balding patch What could be causing Jenner, 59, to start losing her hair? While it’s not uncommon for women between the ages of 50 and 60 to begin seeing some degree of hair loss, one has to speculate that stress may play a major role in Jenner’s case. Between the duties of managing the ‘careers’ of her kids (Jenner oversees the careers of her six children who all do some form of modeling/acting/public appearance) and managing her own writing and television career, it’s easy to see how the stress could pile up and wreck-havoc on one’s health and wellbeing. Probably the most stressful thing to happen recently is the high-profile divorce from husband of 24 years Bruce Jenner, who famously announced that he was a woman. Seems like Kris Jenner's personal life has taken a toll as she shows a little balding patch It’s safe to say finding out that your husband for quarter century is undergoing a sex-change is more than enough to make one’s hair fall out. It will be interesting to see what route Jenner will go to address this. No stranger to cosmetic surgery, Jenner has spoken openly about her previous procedures. In her 2012 memoir Kris Jenner…And All Things Kardashian she discusses have her breasts augmented twice, having work done on her nose, and undergoing numerous and regular applications of botox.



By Damien


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