laser therapy fro hair lossHair loss is a prevalent problem, affecting men and women alike the world over. It can be distressing at any age, delivering a blow to a person’s self-consciousness. Just as there are many underlying causes of hair loss, there are also many treatment options, from lotions and pills to hair restoration surgery. An increasingly popular approach is that of laser light hair therapy.

How does it work?

Laser therapy follows the principle of photo biotherapy: a process whereby cells repair themselves by absorbing light. It is beneficial in two key ways. Firstly, the laser stimulates cellular metabolism; this cellular energy transfer stimulates the damaged hair follicles thereby reversing the cycle of follicular miniaturisation and the resulting restricted growth. Secondly, red light therapy for hair loss significantly increases circulation and capillary capacity in your scalp, boosting the delivery of oxygen and nutrients vital to good cellular nutrition. With an increase in nutrient absorption, the hair can grow thicker, stronger and healthier. There are several laser hair therapy products on the market, including the popular laser hair therapy cap which has produced many positive results for those try to reverse their hair loss. Compatible with other treatments such as minoxidil, and designed with convenience and discretion in mind, the portable laser hair therapy cap delivers low level laser light therapy to the entire scalp, promoting regrowth in the thinning areas.

Does it have a time limit?

Laser light hair therapy can only have good results when the hair follicles are still alive, usually up to two years after they have stopped growing hair. Beyond this time, however, they cannot be restored so time is of the essence when considering laser hair therapy for your hair loss.



By Ian Watson


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