SMP, or scalp micropigmentation as it is properly called, is an innovative hair camouflage technique that aims to recreate the appearance of a shaved head, by the application of pigments into the scalp. The question is it truly hassle-free as many SMP hair loss clinics claim?

What will my SMP procedure entail?

Hassle-free smp from hair loss clinicEvery client responds differently, but generally the SMP treatment is carried out over two to three sessions. Your technician will carefully place the pigment into the scalp to mimic the appearance of a hair follicle, using a specially designed device that has a number of different needle sizes that can penetrate the scalp at different depths and angles. Treatment time can vary depending on the size of the area being treated, but the actual pigmentation application will only last between 15 and 30 minutes, although the first session will take much longer as we have to clearly establish the results you’re hoping to achieve in terms of colour, density and hairline. At our hair loss clinic we spread the sessions because the aim is to always create truly natural results and that only comes with building the effect. At your first session, the hairline will have been decided upon and created, but pigments used will be a little lighter and sparser than the final result you’re aiming for. By going lighter we can build the effect over time, but also we can see how your skin is ‘taking’ and ‘retaining’ the pigment. Our clients see a few short sessions as a minor inconvenience to achieve the results they want and certainly it is a hassle-free time commitment compared to the many hours that a hair transplant entails.

No downtime after SMP

One of the unique benefits of SMP is that there is no real downtime, as healing is pretty quick and results can be seen instantaneously. Any discomfort during the procedure itself will disappear straight away and any redness will last just a couple of days. As the scalp heals they may be hardening to the skin on the scalp and this will clear up with gentle exfoliation and moisturiser – your SMP technician will advise you when safe to treat the scalp.

SMP is low maintenance

After your SMP procedure there are no restrictions to your lifestyle that you have to follow and there is little or no maintenance required meaning this is truly the hassle-free hair loss solution. To find out if SMP works for you, book a consultation today.



By Ian Watson


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