Believe it or not, there was a time when a male celebrity as established as Jared Leto wouldn’t be caught dead with his hair tied-up in a somewhat fashionable man-bun. But, it’s back. Whilst we’ve been talking a lot lately about the dangers of the hipster fad known as the man-bun, today we’re returning to the dark corner the man-bun was rescued from to find one of its banished inmates – the mullet. Mullet Power     bowie   Kick-started by the likes of Rod Stewart and David Bowie in the 1970’s, and rocked by anyone who was anyone in country music in the 1990’s – the mullet was the belle of the ball for male haircuts. It may shock you – but having your hair short at the front and the sides and long at the back was all the rage – even legendary wrestler Hulk Hogan, and comic-book hero Superman wore it with pride. Along with many of the trends that rocked the 90’s, it died a painful death at the turn of the millennia. But – it’s coming back. Comeback of the Century   jagr ` It’s been thrown about by the who’s who of fashion in a game of Chinese whispers all year – but it’s with the arrival of the news that legendary ice hockey player is bringing back his infamous mullet that it’s all been confirmed. The legendary right-winger who brought the Pittsburgh Penguins the Stanley Cup two years on the trot in 1991 and 1992 respectively is bringing back his infamous mullet claiming that he has to. The mullet-king is currently playing for the Florida Panthers and is jumping in the time machine in hope to not only bring back the trend, but to bring back the success – only this time for the Panthers. It’s an interesting thought to imagine the celebrities of today rocking the mullet once more – Jared Leto anyone? Perhaps Jagr will create the comeback of the century or maybe it’ll die out just like it did before?   Or Not?     what-is-smp     If you’re conscious about the state of your head of hair but haven’t quite got the locks left to rock the mullet, then we here at HIS Hair are on hand to help you. Whilst we can’t give you the hair back, we can make it look like it’s there, and we can definitely get you looking good.   We pride ourselves on being the world’s leading practitioners in Scalp Micropigmentation treatment. SMP is a non-surgical practse’ve got over 100 different shades of pigments, sizes of needles, and session plans to suit all of your needs and wants. We’re accessible too – we’ve got 17 clinics in 9 countries spread across 4 continents. If the mullet isn’t for you, book a consultation with us today! Click here to find your local clinic.   To join the helpful and supportive community on our excellent forum please click here



By Ian Watson


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