An American hairdresser has been gaining popularity with a potential hair loss cure. Her video demonstrating the technique has had nearly 50K views and received messages in praise. So we ask, is this a new hair loss cure? 


Nicola Chatfield 

Nicola is an American hairdresser. She offers a range of services from her website beyond just hair though. Nicola offers tips on beauty and health as well as wedding planning. But she hit a rich seam of popularity with a video she uploaded to YouTube. In the video, Nicola demonstrated the method for growing hair. She uses a pull-up bar to hang upside down for five minutes a day for a week. The theory behind what is known as ‘The Inversion Method’, is that the increased blood supply to the scalp area promotes hair health. That by improving the blood supply the hair will receive more nutrients and so grow faster and healthier. 

Nicola measured her own hair before and after her week of hanging upside down. It had, she told her watchers, grown by half an inch. She concluded it was ‘definitely worth a go’ and ‘definitely one to add to your routine’. Her only warning, that doing it more than once a month will result in your hair getting greasier. 

Her review was echoed by another American blogger, Chris Gault. He posted his own video to say ‘this works’. Gault claims to have used the technique for the last 18 months so clearly not buying into Nicola’s warning about grease. He does claim his hair is growing back, though judging by the picture on his site he would still seem to be stuck at around Norwood 5/6.

A Note Of Caution

Medical professionals have cast doubt on the suitability of the exercise. While hanging upside down does certainly push blood into the scalp, the delicate connections and blood vessels of the brain are also in the region. The pooling of blood in the area caused by hanging upside down carries a threat of those vessels bursting, leading to a brain haemorrhage.   

HIS Hair Clinic

There is sound bioscience behind the basic claim for the inversion method. It is just that there are so many easier ways to achieve it. Methods that do not require you to put your health at risk from serious injury. To be honest, we were just relieved to read that Nicola escaped unscathed from her experiment. Hanging upside down from a pull-up bar strikes us as slightly reckless, with the risk of a fall enough to put us off. We would recommend 5 minutes of exercise, upright or horizontal, as a better way to see blood pumped to your scalp in plentiful supply. 

For those of you who are unlikely to put exercise on your agenda, there are other options. Platelet Rich Plasma therapy does an infinitely better job of supplying a needy scalp with nutrients. For everyday use, a caffeine shampoo is a good addition to your routine. 

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By IanW


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