john thomson hair transplantStar of popular TV series Cold Feet, John Thomson, has recently opened up about how a hair transplant helped him to improve his love life. According to John, his social media inboxes have been inundated since he underwent a hair transplant. While most male stars admit to having the procedure to further their career, Thomson states he did it to boost his love life and it appears to be working. However, he claims he prefers women in real life rather than online, but the additional interest he’s received goes to show how much of a difference a hair transplant can make.

Bungee photo prompted hair transplant

According to Thomson, he decided to undergo a hair transplant after seeing a photo of himself from his New Zealand bungee jumping trip. He’s described his hairline back then as comparable to an apprentice monk! After discovering just how thin his hair looked, he decided something needed to be done about it. His fans clearly appreciated the transformation, but Thomson claims he now has to lie sometimes about being in a relationship, or he simply doesn’t reply at all. Still, he must be loving the attention his new hair has received.

Could a hair transplant be right for you?

Hair transplants are becoming increasingly popular as more male stars talk about their experiences. However, they are quite expensive. If you can afford to have one done, is it worth it? The first thing you need to know is that while they can be extremely effective, not everyone is an ideal candidate for a hair transplant. There needs to be donor hairs available on either the sides or back of the head. So, if you’re completely bald, a transplant isn’t going to be a viable option. It could be that SMP is a better treatment option for you. So, it’s important to visit a hair specialist and discuss your options before deciding which treatment is best. Overall, as Thomson shows, a hair transplant can make a significant difference to your life and your confidence. Just remember it may not be the best option for you. To find out more about SMP then call us to get a free consultation on  +44(0)845 359 2924 



By Ian Watson


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