Jonathan, posting in our forum under the alias of JB, had his consultation and treatment sessions at our New York hair clinic. Jonathan considered the option of a hair transplant, but decided that surgery wouldnt really work for him. Jonathan discusses this in this thread which he posted following his intial consultation. Over the last 9 months, Jonathan has contributed significantly to our forum community, supporting other members whilst documenting his own journey for all to follow in this thread.



By Damien


  1. firefly says:

    DAMN that looks good. Well done, you went for it and it really paid off. I’m seeing Matt at NYC next month so this makes me feel a whole lot better

  2. danny says:

    wow looks great been reading all your posts would love to see it in person lol u going to be in city on wednesday my some chance ,Jeff told me he had met u , iam going to see Jeff getting it done on wednesday at like 11 amazing stuff u look great all the best


  3. Jonathan says:

    Bottom line is if you want to look like you have a full head of hair and personally chose to shave it down for that clean crisp look.

    HIS is the service to go with. Unsurpassed excellence and this has been a wonderful experience from start to finish.

  4. Romeo Multani says:

    hey ive been reading your post and i wamt to tell you that you look great man,you look so much younger its crazy,im 21 years old and sadly im going thru male pattern balding and i was considering a hairline procedure done here,is it possible i can meet one of you guys whos gotten the procedure done im so curious as to how it looks in person,i would like an upclose personal look before making mt decision

  5. Jonathan says:

    Any time Romeo..

    All I can say is this has been a wonderful experience and flawless in execution.

    I’m very pleased with the end result. No reason not to move forward with this gentlemans service.

    Best birthday present I ever gave myself. 52 years and enjoying every minute.

    For you younger guys…I highly recommend this. No reason not to…It looks that good.

    Happy holidays


  6. Sunhead says:


    Congrats, Man! You look great! I am considering this procedure. I just joined the HIS Forum this week, and am reading, reading, reading. Your posts are always upbeat, supportive, and enthusiastic! You make me smile! I’ll want to be in touch with you as I move toward my decision!


  7. JB says:

    Anytime Sunhead. This HIS service has been a great addition to my life.

    All the cares and concerns prior to the service are gone! Easy care and easy life since having the HIS MHT service done.

    Definitely real world experience that no one can tell this isn’t me just shaving down my head by my choice for this clean crisp look.

    Best of luck.


  8. SM says:


    You look great. I’m 42 with a lot of gray hairs popping up on my sides. Did you get a salt and pepper look or just a light black look? A bit hard to make out from the pics. Are you happy with how the color merges with your natural hair color?


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