Hair loss treatments for men.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is an established, safe and effective treatment for hair loss sufferers, approved by the American Food and Drug Administration as capable of halting and even reversing hair loss.

Laser has become, in a relatively short space of time, a valuable addition to the range of options available to men suffering with hair loss. As a painless solution that can be applied immediately and in conjunction with other treatments it can play a vital role in halting your progress along the Norwood Scale…  It has even been shown to nudge some hepideair follicles, stuck in the resting phase, back into a healthy growth cycle.

It may be obvious to some but it is worth mentioning that the lasers used for this treatment have nothing to do with the heat generating equipment you might be more familiar with. This device could not be used by a super villain to cut James Bond in half. In fact, the heat element of a laser needs to be added during manufacture – by simply leaving it off the device used for LLLT we end up with a device that is genuinely painless and causes absolutely no damage to existing hair follicles.

It works because this type of low level laser can penetrate the epidermis and increase metabolism in the cells. This is best evidenced by measuring the increase in blood flow to the area, which in studies reached over 50%. This improved blood supply is credited with delivering higher levels of your body’s own defence mechanisms, these can assist by breaking down the build-up of DiHydro-Testoserone (DHT)… the hormone which, over time, can affect the growth cycle of follicles and lead directly to male pattern hair loss.

The same improved blood flow can also help a sufferer derive greater value from other therapies, helping make them more effective. A great example would be Minoxidil – This FDA approved (for men) hair loss treatment has its efficacy significantly increased by the improvement in blood supply… simply because, as a medicine taken orally, it is carried and delivered to the hair follicles within the blood.  But the benefits extend to any topical treatment too… so shampoos and herbal remedies will all benefit from being used in conjunction with a course of LLLT.

It is vital to seek advice at the first signs of hair loss. If you have noticed increased shedding, either on your pillow or hairbrush, it is important to pay close attention to those regions where hair loss for men is normally spotted first… around the temples and at the crown. If you suspect your hair is receding then the time to act is right now – the sooner you begin therapy the greater your chances are of holding on to what you have.

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