Ledley beats Bale on the hair transplant frontWelsh midfielder, Joe Ledley has beaten his former teammate Gareth Bale in undergoing a hair transplant. The images released by the hair loss clinic show Ledley smiling as his shaved head is covered in marker pen – reminiscent of images released of Wayne Rooney as he underwent his first hair transplant years ago, inspiring men all across the world to seek help for their hair loss issues.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Ledley, who is popular for both his lengthy beard and his dance-moves on the pitch, had a follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure just last month. This procedure is actually a minimally invasive technique in which the hair follicles are individually grafted from the donor site, and transplanted to the recipient area. Hair transplant surgeons use an instrument which is only one millimetre in diameter, this instrument makes a miniscule incision around the follicular unit so that the graft can be isolated. Using tweezers, the surgeon can extract the graft, treat the follicles and then strategically place them into the patient’s recipient area, to fill out patches of hair loss. The technique allows for precision and patients are left without any scars or stitches, therefore within just a few days the donor site in barely noticeable. Results are natural looking and modern techniques allow for the hairs to be transplanted in such a natural pattern that it is virtually undetectable that an artificial procedure has taken place. The surgery is of an outpatient nature so most patients are able to return to their work the following day.

Results of an FUE procedure

It takes approximately three months for the hair to begin to grow, within six months patients report significant regrowth. Native (non-transplanted) hair is unaffected and will continue to grow naturally alongside the transplanted hair All eyes are now on Gareth Bale to make the move, as rumours have been circulating for some time now that his man bun is actually in place attempting to conceal a bald patch.



By Ian Watson


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