When is your bald massing ever a good thing? You will have spent time considering the challenges involved in finding the right solution and provider. In particular the threat from media-savvy organisations who use their familiarity with Google search and web design to craft a compelling web presence. It can take a determined persistent investigation to separate the wood from the trees, to spot the genuine practice with deep experience and commitment to your outcome from the Johnny come lately charlatan after a quick buck – and prepared to sacrifice your wellbeing to make it. There are usually clues if you know what to look for, price is often used as their principal blunt instrument to draw in new clients. The old saying applies – If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. A new generation of developers Computer kid The fact is that a generation of children who grew up after the digital revolution have now entered the workplace. Their peers have also provided an incredible set of tools making website production ever easier. This combination has seen the number of people with the required skills to create cool professional looking sites mushroom. A beautiful site costs the same as an ugly one Beauty Parade The flip side of that coin is that terrible websites, which used to be ten a penny, have become much more unusual. I’m reminded of an old quote by Donald Trump, asked why all the women who worked in his office were young and beautiful he replied “Because they cost the same as ugly ones.” Anyone looking to construct a website to promote and sell their product or services has access to a huge pool of talent, why would they choose a designer who was not capable of meeting their needs. Transplantation by Osmosis? Wizard Because it seems like a relatively straightforward thing, to produce a smart site, the appearance of a terrible one now feels worthy of mention. Step forward DHI India. Theirs is a site I have visited previously, they claim to have reinvented hair transplantation using a process that is less invasive than other methods… there is no clear explanation on precisely how they transplant follicles beyond that they use no scalpels – they don’t need to, they have invented a “DHI Implanter.” Along with their “revolutionary No Touch technique” it amounts to a fascinating proposition – or at least it would if I believed a word of it. Because they do not operate outside India my interest in them has only ever been from a distance. But this week they came onto my radar again by announcing at least one new Scalp MicroPigmentation type procedure. They call it “Direct Micro Pigmentation,” in their words “the course of getting ink marks on your scalp”. Confusingly they also call it “Cosmetic Hair Follicle Replication”. Even more confusingly they also talk about the actual procedure being a combination of the two. The bald then looks massed BaldMassed To quote directly from their site: “The technique of Direct MPG is neither tattoo-making nor a form of cosmetic make up. Scalp Pigmentation is a process that is used between your hair for a thickening effect or on a bald area to create a shaved look. The bald then looks massed.” Of course the mistake they are making is to assume that people want their bald massed. For most of us that would be a colourful description of exactly what we are trying to avoid. Let’s be kind though, as much as you would be well advised to be on your guard against sites who smoothly misrepresent themselves, we should also leave room for well-intentioned and possibly professional businesses who let themselves down through an inability to effectively communicate. It would be good to hear on the forum from anyone in India who has been through their process.



By Ian Watson


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