Cosmetic surgery often comes with a significant price tag, and hair transplant surgery is no different. With sufferers of hair loss keen to explore all possible avenues to address the issue, increasing numbers are considering the surgical route. The process of hair transplantation involves either extracting strips of hair follicles, or individually extracting hair follicles, and importing them into the scalp of hair loss sufferers. Both techniques are labour intensive and expensive, especially the latter, which has led people to explore the breadth of the market place, seeking out where they can get the best value for money. Hair transplant surgeryOne country in particular is carving out a name for itself in the hair transplant arena, and that country is Turkey.

Turkey’s blossoming hair transplant credentials

Some reports suggest that up to 5,000 international visitors flock to Turkey every month to undergo hair transplant surgery, and the number of people arriving for treatments such as this is growing exponentially. The price of the surgery in Turkey is significantly lower than many other European countries, and with such high numbers of people undergoing the treatment, comes growing levels of confidence in both the surgeries and the surgeons. Many of the visitors to Turkey’s hair transplant surgeries are from the Arab nations, where hair loss affects a relatively high proportion of men. Thick, lustrous hair is very sought-after for Arab men, but the hot, dry weather conditions and the use of purified sea water for bathing, can cause thinning or loss of hair. Add to this the cultural desire to cover the head, which also putting pressure on the follicles, and the net effect of these factors is an ever-increasing pool of men who are keen to address the hair loss problem.

A permanent fix

Hair loss experts claim that if hair follicles take successfully to the transplant site, then they can remain there permanently, sometimes remaining for the life of the patient. Couple this with the fact that many who are visiting Turkey for hair transplant treatment are combining this with the price tag and the opportunity to have a short break in one of Europe’s most culturally diverse and historically rich cites, it is clear to see why Turkey is proving to be such a popular destination of choice for this type of treatment. If you’re considering this type of surgery, no matter where you are thinking of going, remember the starting point should be thorough research into the benefits – and side effects – of this kind of treatment. Read thoroughly around the subject, remember that all cases are unique and outcomes can be different, and ensure you check the reputation, qualifications and credentials of the surgeon(s) you are considering.



By Ian Watson


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