Ever watch any of YouTube videos or watch a local news segment highlighting SMP and HIS Hair? Ever wonder how those clients ended up being featured? A local news outlet out of Miami is interested in doing a short feature, along the lines of a piece produced earlier this month by Fox at our Houston clinic.. to see that piece click here, on our South Florida clinic and would like to see the SMP in action. models wanted If interested, it could result in some pretty big savings. For new clients, HIS Hair will offer a discount off the initial treatment quote if you’re willing to sit in the chair and talk all things SMP with the local reporter. Existing clients, whether you’re in the middle of your treatment or all finished up, there are savings to be had as well. Depending on where you’re at the in the process, HIS Hair could give you discount or extend your warranty. What’s expected? We’ve done a handful of these local news segments now and the filming takes no more than 30 minutes or so. The local news crew will show up on the day of your appointment, get some basic footage of the clinic, the treatment being performed, and then ask both practitioner and client some basic questions. What type of questions? Basics like what attracted you to SMP as a hair loss solution? How did you find out about HIS Hair and what has your experience been like? How long have you been losing the hair? We know that this treatment can be a big step for people and many patients wish to keep their SMP private. And we respect that. We would NEVER use someone’s image or photos without their permission. That’s what we always ask first. Think of the time when you first began doing your research about SMP — you read the forum [visit it here], you watched the YouTube [link: here] testimonials, you perused the galleries [link: here ]. All this visual information was made available by the bold few who saw the value of doing so beyond that of the discount or compensation offered. If you wish to be a part of something that will take no more than ten to fifteen minutes of your time and potentially change a person’s life for lifetime, then email us at marketing@hishairclinic.com. Let us know you’ll be interested in participating in this upcoming local interview in Miami set to take place sometime in September and we’ll discuss the details at great length.



By IanW


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