Nadine Dorries alopecia hair lossFemale pattern hair loss will affect an estimated 40% of women during their lifetime yet many suffer in an embarrassed silence. When MP and star of I’m a Celebrity Nadine Dorries first noticed she was losing her hair, she felt distraught – and became all the more so when her bald patch was evident for all to see on ITV’s News at Ten. That set her on a mission to research every possible cure for female hair loss until she found one that worked – and she has since brought the condition, and her personal hair loss journey, to the public’s attention.

What is female pattern baldness?

This type of hair loss begins as a gradual thinning around the top frontal area and then steadily extends back to the crown where a bald patch may develop as it did on Nadine Dorries’ scalp. Also termed as androgenetic alopecia, female pattern baldness is a thinning of the hair caused by follicular miniaturisation usually associated with hormone changes and an increase in androgens (male hormones). As such, it often affects women during and after the menopause although by no means exclusively as young women can experience it, too. Some women are genetically predisposed to female pattern baldness and will have witnessed its progress in their older female relatives.

Is there a cure?

After trying a vast array of supplements and special shampoos, Nadine sought the advice of a hair loss specialist who advised a new treatment called nanopeptide mesotherapy that involves injecting a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and peptides into the scalp through a fine needle. The technique allows the trichologist to deliver nutrients directly to the affected area, ensuring the distressed hair follicles receive the help they need. After each of the eight sessions, Nadine would place a hot water bottle on her head for 15 minutes to encourage blood to flow to the scalp and, within a month of starting the treatment, she noticed a great improvement. Some doctors may question whether the injections were responsible for the reversal of Nadine’s hair loss, attributing it instead to a reduction in stress levels – after all, being suspended by the Conservative Party as the nation debates your decision to take part in a reality TV show is going to cause some anxiety. Most doctors will prescribe a more conventional approach: minoxidil, a clinically proven topical lotion that has produced some encouraging results for many sufferers of female pattern baldness.



By Ian Watson


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