woman in hatWhen a woman’s hair starts to look thinner it can be a traumatic experience to recover from. Women will question their age, sexuality, and attractiveness, based on what is happening to her hair – in just the same ways as a man will. We take it for granted until it starts to fall out, and then there’s a whole new learning curve as we start to learn how to manage it going forwards.

Check out the cause of your thinning hair

Besides taking a look at your health in general, and consulting with a doctor to discuss possible causes for your hair loss – it could be hormonal, dietary, or even hereditary – you may also wish to consult with a really good hairdresser who can help you find a style that will make the best of your thinner hair and look great at the same time. 1. Hair that is dyed a darker colour underneath will give the illusion of thickness 2. A chin length bob cut bluntly also creates an illusion of thickness in thinner hair 3. To add the appearance of volume to longer hair, waves can be created using a triple banner waver if you have one – or by just finger drying and scrunching your hair as you dry it 4. You can use hot rollers or a round brush to add volume to your hair – this will lift your hair up and away from your head, concealing the thinness and adding some glamour to your style 5. Try a Princess Di style – short but styled up and away from your scalp in soft layers to add depth 6. A twisted up-do, some back-combing, and plenty of hairspray can make even really fine, thinning hair look cocktail-party ready 7. A heavy fringe, brought forward from the hairline and coupled with layers in the length is a really contemporary style which can complement thinner hair 8. Layers, whatever the length of your hair are the simple solution to thinning hair – try a combination of a layered style and dark and light colours 9. Change where you part your hair – you may find that a new parting will make thinning hair less obvious 10. A fringe pulled across your forehead will also help to conceal a receding hair line

Ask your hairdresser for advice about thinning hair

Your stylist may also advise you about some dos and don’ts in order to care for your thinning hair Avoid using too much heat on your hair – when you are already struggling with hair loss, heat won’t help – it can make your hair weaker and it will break more easily Don’t dye your hair a colour that will make your parting really noticeable – go for a colour that is similar in colour to your scalp Use a gentle hairbrush. One with natural or nylon bristles will be kinder to your hair than plastic or metals ones.



By Ian Watson


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