razorTaking the plunge and shaving your remaining hair off may not be as radical a step as you think. The development of Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) over the last few years means that it’s possible to create the look of real hair on a partially or totally bald scalp.

Incredibly realistic hair effect

Not to be confused with a tattoo, SMP is a refined process carried out by highly trained and skilled practitioners designed to create the effect of growing hair. Carried out usually over three or four sessions startlingly real looking hair is created by depositing pigment within the dermal layers of the skin. The look will always be close cropped and smart but the illusion of real hair is highly effective. It’s also possible to create a unique style which might follow your original hairline or perhaps an ultra-natural broken look (with the odd scar). Younger men might opt for a sharper more razored look. The most important factor in choosing SMP is finding the right practitioner. Their training and skills will determine how realistic and appropriate the result is for each individual patient, taking into account ethnicity, the hair loss condition and the client’s requirements.

Find the right practitioner

Anyone considering SMP as a treatment should check out the practitioner’s credentials. International clinics such as HIS Hair Clinic, the first SMP company in the world offer guarantees on the level of service and ensure that all their practitioners are taught to the same high standards at their training academy. Any reputable clinic should be able to offer video evidence and a range of styles and services. So if you are thinking of shaving your hair off maybe it’s worth taking advantage of the free consultation that most SMP clinics offer. It might turn out to be the best hair style you’ve ever had and will remove any concerns you might have about bald spots showing.



By Ian Watson


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