It is a sad truth that the phase of hair loss that brought you to His Hair Clinic is likely to be followed, maybe decades later, by another retreat of the hairline. This can of course have a highly negative affect on the aesthetics of your Scalp Micro-Pigmentation (SMP). Fear not! One of the many benefits of being the inventors of SMP is that we have more experience than anyone of their long-term maintenance. Combined with our passion for innovation which over the years has seen advances in every aspect of the treatment, you could not be in better hands. We are very grateful to a recent visitor at our London clinic who has kindly offered his photographs as examples of their spectacular work – Despite the quality of these touch-ups we do speak to clients who are so happy with their SMP that they accept the new hair-loss, choosing not to have further treatment. This is a clear sign that we have done more for that client than simply provide a cosmetic service, the whole team takes great pride in the tremendous power for positive change that is enabled by our treatment. Just the same, we believe that it is a straightforward process to walk down some well-trodden ground. You will find the routine remarkably familiar, if not identical, to your original treatment. An informal chat with one of our technicians to discuss your requirements, for recommendations to be made and agreement to be reached. Case Study Bish (Mobile) BishSide2 A great example of both the request and solution is the recent visitor to London shown in the photographs. Having had his original SMP 3 years ago he returned following additional hair loss. As an experienced client he arrived with clear ideas about what he wanted to achieve second time round. Specifically, he wanted to get the new hairless area treated and the original, sharp, hairline softened. Following a very short laser treatment to lighten the original work there were two treatments, where a variety of shades were used to meet all demands, both for softening the hairline and to blend what were now effectively two hairlines. For more images and to join the discussion please log into the forum, click here for the thread.  



By Ian Watson


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