he NBA season tipped off this week and the timing couldn’t be better as basketball star Carlos Boozer opened up about his hair loss while a guest on an afternoon ESPN show. Several months ago we wrote [click here to read it] about a very distinct and strange looking Boozer who showed up to a game against the Celtics sporting a new hair “style” that made him look like slightly comical. To most, he looked like he took a sharpie to his hair, even to the extent that his teammate Nate Robinson decided to ‘update’ Boozer’s bobblehead to reflect real life. But to those of us who know, it was clear that Boozer was trying out some form of concealer in attempt to make his hair appear thicker and fuller. CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR boozer2 While Boozer’s performance that night was on point, his attempt to improve his appearance was off the mark. But you can’t really blame the guy for trying. But when you’re losing your hair there are so many options out there:
  • Do nothing .
  • Hair system, which can get expensive and exhausting.
  • Pills and/or supplements, which can definitely work, but the results can take a while to kick in.
  • Concealers, which offer instant “results” but can be completely obvious (clearly) or if it’s a cheap brand, it could become a mess if one sweats or gets the scalp wet.
  • SMP: the only permanent option that gives you instant results and is the lowest maintenance out of all of them.
Boozer in the interview was asked point-blank about that infamous evening: “…they came out with this — it’s like a hair dye, whatever, for men called the ‘bigen.’ Well, I had one guy that was like, ‘Yo, have you ever thought about growing your hair out?’ And I was like, yeah, I was thinking about it, until I saw some of these little bald spots on my head. So, I was like, you know, I just cut my hair off. And so he was telling me that he could — you know, ‘grow your hair out, I could cover it up a little bit, and make it look like you got a regular haircut.’ So I tried it, and he just made myself look like shoe polish up there … this is like five years later, and I’m still hearing about it.” Shoe polish. Nobody wants to look like that. WHAT ARE YOUR VIABLE OPTIONS? confusec   There are several options out there for you to deal with your hair loss, the major ones listed above. But when it comes to choosing one (or multiple) that works best , one needs to explore them all and figure out what it sort of look/style one wants. Easier said than done. That’s why HIS Hair as the world leader in SMP continues to expand and offer clients a wider range of hair loss solutions to compliment your SMP treatment. Whether it be a stand-alone treatment that provides instant results, or a hair transplant/SMP hybrid procedure through our partnership with Bosley, HIS Hair has your covered.  



By Ian Watson


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