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laser hair loss treatment

Helmet head: LG to launch at-home laser hair loss treatment

There’s no denying that there’s a huge and growing market for hair loss treatments around the world – not least because we’ve yet to find one that works unilaterally to both prevent and reverse hair loss. So it comes as no surprise that tech giant LG wants in on the action. But unlike most of […]

hair transplant

Corrie star reveals second hair transplant

He may only be 32, but Coronation Street‘s Jack P Shephard, who plays David Platt on the soap, has recently revealed that he had to undergo a second hair transplant, less than a year after the first procedure. Jack underwent his first hair transplant procedure in January last year, and was very open with both […]

hair loss drug

Trials Underway for New Drug that Claims to Reverse Male-Pattern Hair Loss

It’s the news we’ve all been waiting for – finally a hair loss drug is on the way that claims not just to prevent male-pattern hair loss, but actually to reverse any thinning that has already occurred. Pharma company Histogen announced that they had submitted an application to begin trials of the drug back in […]

hair loss habits

Hair loss-causing habits

There are any number of reasons you could be losing your hair. Sometimes it’s hereditary (thanks Mum and Dad!), sometimes it’s a physiological reaction to trauma or stress… but what if there are things you do in your day-to-day life that could be contributing to your hair loss? We decided to look into some common […]

Major Film Breaking Bald Taboo

Bollywood has just seen the launch of a first, a film with a bald central character. More than that, a film where the fact that the main character is balding is the central theme. We look closer. Bollywood The fact that the Indian film industry has a larger output than Hollywood is well known. You […]

Study Reveals Hair Loss Hope

A US-led study has just published results of some amazing research. It points to a previously unknown process playing a key role in hair loss. Hair Growth Process Our understanding of how hair grows has been improving for a while now. As we peel away at layers of complexity we must get ever nearer to […]

Allergan To Reenter Hair Loss Market

It can only be good news, to see a major global pharmaceutical firm with hair loss on its agenda. Especially true after failing at an advanced stage last year with one promising product. With Allergan to reenter the hair loss market on the back of an announcement this week, we had to take a closer […]

Amazing Hair Loss Discovery

A team at Massachusetts General Hospital has just announced the results of a recent study. While researching a possible new tool in the fight against the condition they have made an amazing hair loss discovery. We take a closer look. Hair Loss Study Sheraz Khan, Ph.D., lead author on the study, published his team’s work […]

Hair Care Tips For Hair Loss Sufferers

Taking care of our hair is something we all spend time doing. This is even more true for those of us experiencing hair loss. Here are our hair care tips for hair loss sufferers who want to give their hair its very best chance. Healthy Hair Routine We all understand the importance of keeping our […]

Is My Workout Causing Hair Loss?

So many of us make a visit to the gym part of our routine these days, for so many good reasons. We take a closer look at the question, is my workout causing hair loss? Exploring how it can and what you can do about it. The Benefits of A Workout The 1980s was the […]

Amino Acids For Hair Loss

Among the regularly prescribed natural remedies for hair loss are amino acids. We take a closer look at these building blocks of life. Amino Acids These organic compounds are what our body uses to create proteins. There are a total of 21 different amino acids. Some are more important than others, but they combine to […]

Young Men At Hair Loss Risk

Research from Korea has just been published. It links hair loss to overwork in men as young as their twenties. We take a closer look at why work puts young men at hair loss risk. Hair Loss In Young Men Hair loss will affect the majority of us during our lifetime. The age at which […]

What You Need To Know About Hair Transplants

They have been increasing in popularity ever since they were introduced. Men, in particular, were fascinated by the idea they could defeat hair loss. Today on the internet, there is a wealth of information on the most popular version, FUE. However, prospective patients often forget to ask some key questions. So on their behalf, we […]

Hair Loss Caused By Pollution

Research results have been presented at a major conference confirming a cause for hair loss. Korean funded research has shown that hair loss caused by pollution is very real. We take a closer look. Air Pollution Whether or not hair loss caused by pollution is a real thing seems almost rhetorical. Our hair is sensitive […]

Nobel Prize for Hair Loss?

This years winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine has been announced. While there is no Nobel Prize for hair loss, the winning work might have implications for sufferers everywhere. We take a closer look.   Nobel Prize Serial inventor Alfred Nobel, passed away aged 63 in 1896. By then he held 355 separate patents. […]

Can I Avoid Chemo Hair Loss?

Immunotherapy has long held the promise of a new treatment for cancer that avoided hair loss. But it has been held back by some significant shortcomings. A team at Yale in the US has been working on a new technique that may be about to change the answer to the question, can I avoid chemo […]

Can 3D Printers Cure Hair Loss

3D printing threatens to change the world as we know it. From printing new skin to bases on Mars, there is not much that is not expected from these incredible devices. But a new question is now being asked by a team at Columbia University, can 3D printers cure hair loss? We take a closer […]

New Hair Loss Treatment For AA

Alopecia Areata (AA) is just one type of hair loss, but like many of the other forms of hair loss, there is no available cure. News from the USA suggests this might not be true for much longer with the promise of a new hair loss treatment for AA on the horizon. We look closer. […]

Sanofi Hair Loss Trial Latest

The legal battle between Sanofi Taxotere and 12,000 litigants claiming their chemotherapy left them with permanent hair loss goes on. This week saw a remarkable twist as Sanofi lost a fight to prevent a former FDA chief testifying against them. We take a closer look at the Sanofi hair loss trial latest news.   Sanofi […]

Can PRP Help With Hair Loss

Platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) has a rich and convincing medical history. It has become a therapy used in a range of treatments. So we ask, can PRP help with hair loss?     PRP Therapy – A History There is a reason we ask can PRP help with hair loss? Since the 1980’s the technique […]

Scalp Micropigmentation Awarded Approval

It is less than 15 years since HIS Hair Clinic opened the doors of the world’s first scalp micropigmentation clinic. Since then the treatment has exploded across the world and quietly established its credentials as a treatment for hair loss. It is also used to camouflage a range of conditions including scars. So, with Scalp […]

TV Star Carpeted For Hair Transplant Tweet

David Platt, star of ITV’s flagship soap opera Coronation Street, has received a dressing down for tweeting about his hair transplant. We look closer.   Coronation Street This hugely popular show has become an institution. When it was first aired, in 1960, the show, set in Weatherfield, took its audience by storm. Within a few […]

New Safe Hair Loss Treatment

We live in a world where the FDA approved hair loss treatments both come with potential side-effects. A new safe hair loss treatment is always welcome. This one is the brainchild of a serial inventor and highly respected technologist, Xudang Wang. We look closer.   Hair Loss Treatments There are have never been so many […]

What Is The Latest Hair Transplant Technique

Ever since hair transplantation was introduced it has been evolving and it has continued to do so. But what is the latest hair transplant technique? We take a closer look at longitudinal partial follicular unit transplantation (PLFUT).   History Of Hair Transplantation Dr. Norman Orentreich performed the world’s first hair transplant in 1952, in New […]

Hair Loss Drug Delivers Exciting Trial Results

News is in from America where exciting trial results for a hair loss drug have been announced by Concert Pharmaceuticals We take a closer look.   Hair Loss Trial Yields Results Concert Pharmaceuticals, headquartered in Lexington, Mass, have announced that their hair loss drug delivers exciting trial results.  It follows from their last official announcement […]

Hair Loss Cap Has Passed Clinical Trials

News from Australia reaches us that an LED hair loss cap has passed clinical trials. A full double-blind placebo-controlled trial no less. We look closer.    LED Caps  The theory behind using light to promote hair growth and combat hair loss is an interesting one. The idea is that low wavelengths of light can irradiate […]

Hair Loss Drug That Turned Spanish Babies Into Werewolves

It seems a hair loss drug has made its way into a medication for infants. A hair loss drug that turned Spanish babies into werewolves. We look closer.   Infant Care Bringing up a baby is a stressful business. In the time before a baby learns to speak, parents must master the art of reading […]

Are Phytochemicals The Key To A Hair Loss Cure?

For the first time, a critical review of available data has been performed on plant-derived phytochemicals. It is time to ask the question, are phytochemicals the key to a hair loss cure?   What Are Phytochemicals? To answer the question, are phytochemicals the key to a hair loss cure, we should first take a closer […]

Can Inositol Help With Hair Loss?

Much has been made of the abilities of Inositol. Credited with helping everything from panic attacks to PCOS it is suggested it might have an even more exciting future. We ask, can Inositol help with hair loss.   Inositol – Arriving With A Bang Inositol is a type of blood sugar that is mostly produced […]

Gary Lineker Trolled For Hair Loss ‘Joke’

A throwaway line by the host of BBC’s flagship football show, aimed at his two bald co-hosts, has triggered a reaction with Gary Lineker trolled for hair loss ‘joke.’   Gary Lineker  The former Leicester and England striker is these days to be found presenting football shows on TV. Not just for the BBC either. […]

JAK Inhibitors Bring The Promise Of Hair Growth

Aclaris has successfully completed Phase 2 trials of their JAK inhibitor-based treatment for alopecia areata. In the detail of their notes is the tease that JAK Inhibitors bring the promise of hair growth.    Janus Kinane (JAK) Inhibitors  The use of JAK inhibitors in medicine is a wonderful example of how 21st C research is […]

Which Is The Best Treatment For Androgenetic Alopecia?

With an ever-expanding list of options when it comes to treating hair loss, we ask that most common of questions: Which is the best treatment for androgenetic alopecia?   Androgenetic Alopecia Even before the days of Hippocrates in 400BC, the Greek physician to whom all modern doctors swear an oath, men have searched for a […]

Top 3 Reasons Why Cameron Diaz Is Still A Superstar

Cameron Diaz, the award-winning actress, disappeared from public life 5 years ago. She has just given her first interview since then, reminding us why we fell in love with her. Here are our top 3 reasons why Cameron Diaz is still a superstar.   Cameron Diaz Today Cameron Diaz is nearing 50, reflecting no doubt […]

Hair Loss Trolls Given Police Warning

Police in the UK got an unexpected reaction to a plea for help when they released a wanted picture. Leading to thousands of hair loss trolls given police warning. We look closer.    Wanted Image Featured Hair Loss Police in Wales, on the Gwent force, regularly post images of men and women that they are […]

Hair Loss Was First Sign Of Trouble For Shaun Ryder

Shaun Ryder, frontman for the Happy Mondays, now bears a striking resemblance, by his own admission, to Uncle Fester. Hair loss was the first sign of trouble but far from the end. We look closer.   Happy Mondays Heyday In the eighties, Britpop, briefly, took over the world. Manchester unleased its own wall of sound […]

Solutions For Eyebrow Alopecia

There is a range of reasons that can trigger hair loss at the eyebrows from lifestyle to genetics. We take a closer look at those triggers and explore the solutions for eyebrow alopecia.    All About Eyebrows Our eyebrows are there to protect our eyes from sweat and water running into them. But as modern […]

Is Traction Alopecia Caused By Man Buns?

Pulling the hair to the top of the head in a sort of vertical, folded ponytail is an increasingly popular style. Should wearers be asking themselves, is traction alopecia caused by man buns?   Hair Style Trumps Hair Sense As summer hits its heights those of us with hair will be taking steps against the […]

Is Meghan Suffering From Postpartum Hair Loss?

Following the recent birth of her baby, the Duchess of Sussex has had the national press asking a question, is Meghan suffering from postpartum hair loss? We look closer.    Postpartum Hair Loss This very common form of hair loss, almost invariably temporary, affects pretty much all women in the months after childbirth. During pregnancy, […]

What To Expect From Hair As We Age

As we age there a range of changes we might experience with our hair, but there are a few aspects which apply to pretty much everyone as we enter each new decade. We look closer at what to expect from hair as we age.    Everyone Has Their Own Hair Journey  While we are going […]

How Do Hormones Affect Hair?

The endocrine system, the series of hormone-producing glands in our bodies, govern so much about us, including hair loss. We ask, just how do hormones affect hair?    Hormones Hormones are chemical substances, produced by the body to manage so much of what makes us, us. The endocrine system is made up of a series […]

Stark Sunburn Tattoo Warning For Hair Loss Sufferers

Sunburn tattoos are, incredibly, popping up on the web and gaining admirers. The dangers of this are particularly stark for hair loss sufferers, so we take a closer look.    Sunburn Tattoos Sunburn tattoos are created by layering a stencil featuring the desired design on the skin. Once thus prepared, they expose that skin to […]

New Technique Promises Unlimited Grafts For Hair Transplant

For decades, hair transplantation has been limited by the number of grafts available for any patient. Scientists in the USA are working on a technique that promises to make that a thing of the past.    Hair Transplantation This has become the treatment of choice for tens of thousands of men, and increasing numbers of […]

Obesity Link To Pattern Balding?

Obesity has been linked to the most common form of hair loss, accounting for over 90% of all cases. Is the link real and what can be done about it? We look closer.    Obesity Labelled a western pandemic, obesity is becoming the scourge of health systems. Across the developed world, conditions associated with obesity […]

Can CBD Help With Hair Loss?

CBD for hair loss is a relatively new idea, borne of success using it as a treatment for other challenging conditions. Can it help with hair loss?   CBD Cannabidiol, known colloquially as CBD, is just one of the hundreds of components in the marijuana plant. It does not, by itself, produce any sort of […]

Canada Cracks Down On Hair Loss “Science”

In a surprise move, the Canadian health authority, Health Canada, has ordered nearly 40 clinics to suspend treatments based on stem cell and PRP technology, including for hair loss. We look closer.   Health Canada In May Health Canada published a position paper outlining their stance on autologous cell therapies. These are treatments which see […]

Tech Solution To Trichotillomania

 Trichotillomania is a disorder that sees sufferers pull out their own hair or eyebrows. Easy to diagnose but incredibly challenging to treat, the problem does now have a weapon with which it can be taken on.   Trichotillomania More commonly known as Trich, this condition affects around 3% of the population in the USA. Make […]

Aclaris Tease New Hair Loss Product With Great Update

Aclaris, who we have been following for nearly a decade, recently announced results at the midpoint of a year-long trial for a potential new hair loss product.  We look closer.    A New Hope Back in 2010, we reported that Aclaris had successfully applied for, and received, a patent which covered their use of a […]

Hair Loss Researchers Identify Complimentary Therapies That Work

In a welcome piece of analysis, a team of researchers in California have gathered the data on over 20 complementary therapies to assess their efficacy for treating hair loss. We take a closer look.   Alternative Therapies There is no shortage of suggested alternative therapies for hair loss, many have been around for a long […]

Young Popstar Speaks About Hair Loss

The South Korean pop superstar known as “Ken” from boy band VIXX, has been speaking candidly about his hair loss and coping methods. We take a closer look.    VIXX VIXX came together on a South Korean TV talent show. They are one of the new breeds of massive acts coming out of Asia. One […]

Hat Sharing Is Bad Idea Say Hair Loss Experts

A warning from the NHS in Britain advises against sharing hats this summer, with hair loss among the reasons it is considered a bad idea. We look closer.   It’s Good To Share It’s an old saying, and one the vast majority of us try to instill in children as part of their formative development.  […]

Is This The Hair Loss Cure We Have Been Waiting For?

News from California suggests a research team there might be on the brink of the hair loss cure from our dreams. A simple treatment that can permanently cure hair loss regardless of how far advanced. We take a closer look.   Regenerative Medicine The science of stem cells has always held the promise of a […]

What Are The Limits Of Hair Transplantation?

A recent article praising the quality of a celebrity hair transplant stopped us in our tracks, we take a closer look at just what is realistically achievable for a hair transplant… and what is not.   Antonio Conte As a player, Antonio Conte was a legend. Playing at Juventus, Italy’s senior club, he won 5 […]

Elevated Sunburn Danger For Bald Spots

As everyone begins to enjoy the long hot days of summer we bring a stark warning on the importance of paying attention to UV protection. This is true for everyone, but particularly for men in the throes of hair loss for whom a bald patch brings its own set of additional dangers. We look closer.  […]

UK Team Work To Improve Hair Loss Cooling Caps

A team from Huddersfield in the UK are working hard to achieve their aim of zero hair loss from chemotherapy. The latest news out of their lab on their work with hair loss cooling caps is encouraging. We look closer.   Cooling Caps These wonderful devices burst onto the scene relatively recently and for the […]

Castor Oil Making A Hair Loss Comeback

Castor oil has been recognised for its beneficial properties for a very long time. Modern appreciation of its complex structure has only enhanced its reputation, particularly as a hair loss salve. We look closer.   Castor Oil In our childhood, castor oil occupied a unique place. Understood to be ever so good for you, a […]

Beauty Paradox Has Implications For Hair Loss Sufferers

A paradoxical form of behaviour, only witnessed in humans, has been described by scientists as leaving up to 90% of victims sterile and may have implications for hair loss sufferers. We look closer.   Mossman Pacey Paradox Dr. Mossman, once of Sheffield University in the UK but now at Brown University in the USA, and […]

Add This Key Ingredient To Your Hair Loss Regime

There is a simple addition we can all make to our routine that would benefit our hair and much, much more besides. If you are suffering from hair loss it should definitely be on your daily agenda.   Raisin The Profile The humble and seriously under-estimated raisin has been popular from the day someone left […]

China’s Booming Hair Transplant Market

China is witnessing exponential demand for hair transplant operations, what is driving this trend and what are the implications for the rest of us? We take a closer look.   Chinese Hair Loss  We recently covered news out of China which looked at the results of a huge survey on hair loss. The work was […]

UCLA Scientists Access Unique Funding For Hair Loss Cure

Scientists at UCLA, a leading American university, have accessed a unique funding vehicle to further their research into an exciting possible hair loss cure. We look closer.   UCLA One of America’s top twenty universities, the University of California, or UCLA to its friends, is listed in the top ten for its Public Health department. […]

Rob Lowe Criticizes Royal For Hair Loss

Hollywood icon Rob Lowe has shared his thoughts on the future King of England giving in to hair loss. The verdict was less than kind… we look closer.   Rob Lowe Rob Lowe made his acting debut, at the age of 15, in an ABC TV sitcom. He would achieve stardom during the mid-1980s as […]

Sanofi Hair Loss Lawsuit Gathers Pace

Reports from America are suggesting that more civil lawsuits alleging a popular drug, made by Sanofi, caused hair loss, are building up as the case develops. We take a closer look.   Sanofi This Paris-based pharmaceutical firm is the world’s fifth largest by prescription sales. Formed in 2004 with the merger of Aventis and Sanofi-Synthelabo, […]

Biotin – Hair Loss Friend or Foe?

Biotin has become a go-to treatment for many people looking for a simple vitamin supplement that can help tackle hair loss. Its reputation as a hair loss friend has grown over the years, but why are some professionals warning against it? We look closer?   Biotin Biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin. In the 1930s, […]

Does The Keto Diet Cause Hair Loss?

The popularity of the hashtag #ketohairloss, full of hair loss horror stories, has prompted many to worry that the diet might be a causal link to their own hair loss. We look closer.   The Ketogenic Diet Like the Atkins diet before it, the Keto diet promotes removing carbohydrates from your diet. In the case […]

Survey Paints Depressing Picture of Hair Loss Effects

An American survey has shed some light on how suffering from hair loss can make us feel and the effects it has on our day to day lives. We look closer.   Good Housekeeping Guide It sounds as though it might have spawned in the fifties, part of the Stepford Wives type aspirational lifestyle choices […]

Four Ways Coconut Oil Can Help Hair Loss

Coconut oil is remarkable, positively brimming with helpful, healthy ingredients that can do so much for the condition of our hair. We look closer.    Coconut Oil We are constantly pointed towards foods described as “superfoods” that are attributed with all manner of beneficial properties. Coconut oil is a definitive superfood that requires no hyperbole […]

Hair Transplant The Most Frightening Part Of Transition

Author David Thomas is chronicling his gender transition in the British press. He has described his journey to hair transplant surgery as frightening. Definitely worth a closer look.   David Thomas  David is not a typical candidate for gender transition, even if there is such a thing. The football team he supports hail from the […]

Try This Celeb Endorsed Ancient Hair Loss Treatment

There are plenty of ancient hair loss treatments around, from pigeon poop to bear grease, that has been shown to lack efficacy by modern science. But have the Chinese had the answer to alopecia all along? We look closer.   Hair Loss Remedies It would seem that for as long as human beings have been […]

New Take On Old Drug – Possible Hair Loss Cure?

A drug originally developed for treating osteoporosis, but largely disregarded due to side effects, is attracting attention due to one of those side effects… that it causes patients to sprout hair. We look closer.   University Of Manchester  A team based at one of the UK’s leading universities have been taking another look at an […]

Razor Ruddock Puts Hair Loss On His To Do List

Neil Ruddock, affectionately known as Razor from his football playing days, has gone under the knife to address his hair loss. It is part of a bigger story around how his health has forced him into some dramatic changes. We look closer.   Razor Ruddock Razor was a footballer from the old days. The sort […]

The Early Signs of Hair Loss And Where To Find Them

Here are some key facts around how and when hair loss might begin, along with vital information on how to be on the lookout for those critical early signs.    Hair Loss Genesis There can be many triggers to hair loss. While several of those are temporary in nature, post-partum hair loss for example where […]

Top 5 UK Hair Loss Hotspots Named

Using trend data from Google, analysis has been done to tell us which are the top 5 UK locations, the hotspots most likely to play host to people searching for hair loss help. We look closer.   Google Trends Trends is a tool that is primarily used to follow current trending news stories. Users exploring […]

First New Hair Loss Treatment For A Decade

Exciting news from Italy reaches us that we may be about to see the first new treatment for hair loss in over a decade. We look closer.    Cassiopea Cassiopea is an Italian company set up in 2013 with the stated aim of bringing new treatments to market. Today, they have four “unencumbered clinical candidates” […]

Amazing Hair Loss Stats From China

Chinese press reports suggest hair loss is on the rise and affecting more younger people than ever. We take a closer look.   Hair Loss In China A survey conducted by the China Association of Health Promotion and Education (CAHPE) put the number of hair loss sufferers at 250 million. They put the number of […]

Do Vegans Risk Hair Loss?

Veganism is seriously on the rise according to many experts.  With its substantially different profile to carnivorous diets we ask, do vegans risk hair loss?   Veganism The vegan diet involves avoiding products that come from animals. So all dairy products, eggs, honey, and meat are on the list. It requires a huge shift for […]

How Close Is Modern Science To A Cure For Hair Loss?

If you are to believe any of the dozens of articles proclaiming its cure, hair loss will soon be a thing of the past. But just how close is modern science to cracking this most challenging, not to mention common, of problems?   Hair Loss For many it is simply a part of the aging […]

Unlikely Hair Loss Cures

Thousands of years of investigation, from trial and error to deep science, have so far failed to produce an elixir for hair. A product or treatment that works the way we want it to. But some remarkable, accidental, discoveries might point to hair loss cures. We look closer.   Hair Loss Cure Down the millennia […]

Reassuring News For Bald Men

Discovering that you are losing your hair is invariably met with some degree of dismay, some might shrug it off, others will be crushed. But from Penn State University there is news that all bald men should find reassuring. We look closer.   Pattern Baldness While there are a range of triggers, illness, and stress […]

Professional Body Issue Hair Transplant Warning

The American based International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) has issued warnings aimed mainly at UK customers about the dangers of travelling to some hair transplant clinics. We look closer.   International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery ISHRS was established in 1993, early in the story of hair transplants. Its aim was to have their […]

Try This Professionally Recommended Hair Loss Helper

Professionals in the world of hair care, along with their array of medical weaponry, recommend the use of a household item to help in the battle against hair loss and much more besides. We look closer.     Hair Loss Help  At the first sign of hair loss, that terrible moment of discovery, many will do […]

Cristiano Ronaldo Announces New Hair Transplant Clinic

Cristiano Ronaldo, rarely out of the headlines for long, has been back in the press for a wholly unexpected reason. Portugal’s favourite son has announced his involvement in a new Spanish venture, a hair transplant clinic. We look closer.   Cristiano Ronaldo Since bursting onto the football world at the tender age of 17, Cristiano […]

Stark Buyer Beware Warning For Stem Cell Industry

A 14 strong team of respected medical experts have come together to issue a stark warning. They want to highlight bad practice in a growing stem cell industry and urge the public towards doing their homework.   Stem Cell Therapy Make no mistake, stem cell therapies are making their way into serious medical applications. They are […]

Fatal Outcome Casts Shadow Over Hair Transplant Industry

Tragic news from India where a patient has died the day after going through hair transplant surgery. We look at the case and explore the implications for the industry.   Hair Transplantation It has become the generic name for a set of surgical techniques which all, in various ways, aim to move living hair follicles […]

Biotin – Hair Loss Friend Or Foe?

Biotin is one of the new kids on the block on vitamin counters everywhere. Touted as a must-have supplement by the likes of Kylie Jenner and credited with being able to restore, well… just about everything cosmetic. We take a closer look.   Biotin  Biotin is a vitamin. A deficiency is extremely rare but the […]

The Rise And Rise Of Propecia

Propecia, with its active ingredient Finasteride, is going from strength to strength. We take a closer look.   Finasteride Finasteride is used by millions to combat hair loss. Sold under the brand names Propecia and Proscar it has become the medication of choice for millions around the world. Since its original FDA approval as a […]

Why Men Need To Up Their Beauty Game

Results of a study on peer to peer lenders and the influence of looks on the process have highlighted an age-old issue. Does it suggest that men need to catch up with women when it comes to their beauty regime?    Peer To Peer Irregularities In an interesting study, researchers looked at the influence of attractiveness […]

The Right Tattoo Can Help You Find Work

News from England that a young girl got a face tattoo to avoid “normal jobs” plays into old stereotypes about tattoos. We want to offer another perspective.    Kayleigh Peach Kayleigh is a 26-year-old up and coming tattoo artist from Birmingham in the UK. Kayleigh got her first tattoo at the age of 18, her […]

Important Benefit Of Buzz Cut Hair

The widely reported news that a British member of parliament received a diagnosis of skin cancer highlights one important benefit of buzz cut hair. We look closer.   Chris Bryant MP  Chris Bryant has been a vocal member of parliament for his Welsh constituency in Rhondda. The one time Church of England vicar also worked […]

British Biomedical StartUp Wants To Bank Your Hair

A British biomedical startup has grand designs on your hair. They want to take some, put it in a vault and offer it back to you when you are losing your own.    HairClone This ambitious young business has two therapies in development, both aimed at treating hair loss but at different stages. The first aims to increase […]

Medical Review of Platelet Rich Therapy (PRP)

A team in the US have conducted a medical review of all the studies done so far on Platelet Rich Therapy.  They just presented their findings at the annual American Academy of Dermatology, we take a closer look.   Platelet Rich Therapy (PRP) PRP was developed in Europe a little over a decade ago. It was […]

Follicum Looking Beyond Hair Loss Treatment

Follicum, the Swedish biotech startup, has an exciting hair loss treatment going through clinical trials. Today we look at their related project aimed at treating diabetes.    Follicum The business was established in 2011 in Sweden, 7 years after the founders discovered while conducting research on arteriosclerosis, a modified protein that increased hair growth in mice.  […]

Five Year Propecia Study Yields Clear Results

A research team in Korea have been tracking 126 patients all taking Propecia, with the active ingredient Finasteride, for the last five years. The results were emphatic, we take a closer look.   Finasteride Finasteride has established itself as one of the principal weapons in the fight against hair loss. Primarily marketed under the brand […]

Bald John Travolta – 28 Days Later

We recently applauded John Travolta on these pages for finally ditching the hair system and sporting a fantastic, bald look. The worry was that this might be a sign the Hollywood superstar was preparing for life in a slower lane. So just what has he been up to since?   A New Look John Travolta, […]

Schoolgirl Gives Lessons On Hair Loss

When nine-year-old schoolgjrl, Jenna Gathercole, started to become the victim of bullying because of her hair loss, she fought back in the smartest way.    Jenna Gathercole Nine-year-old Jenna, a fourth grader at Viera Charter School in Florida, had become used to having fun made of her. But an incident with a bully who called her […]

Top 5 Ayurvedic Tips For Hair Loss

Ayurvedic medicine has evolved over 3000 years to provide a truly holistic approach to health. We look at the top 5 tips for combating hair loss.    Ayurveda Born in India 3000 years ago, Ayurveda takes a holistic approach to medicine and health. Primarily preventative in nature it does also offer a full menu of […]

Great News For Propecia Users

The active ingredient in Propecia, finasteride, was linked to prostate cancer by study in 2003. A new study has done a great deal more than just deny that link. We look closer.   Finasteride Ironically, finasteride was introduced in the early nineties as a treatment for prostate enlargement and only approved for the treatment of scalp […]

Surgeons Stern Warning on Hair Transplants

The Black Market group, comprised of surgeons from around the world, have issued a stark warning on the rise of unethical transplant clinics.    The Black Market  Against a backdrop of steadily increasing numbers of hair transplant clinics around the world, the Black Market was formed to protect the integrity of their field. It began […]

Hair Loss – When To Speak To A Doctor

Hair loss for men is almost always due to genetics, inherited genes from both parents predisposing the individual to a fate of male pattern hair loss. But it is not the only reason so we offer you a guide on when you need to speak to a doctor.   Male Pattern Hair Loss The immense […]

vitamins hair loss

Essential Guide To Vitamins and Hair Loss

With vitamin supplement sales on the rise, we look at a timely published study on their benefits to hair loss.   Vitamins As we learned about vitamins and their role on our health the race was on to balance our diet in such a way as to make sure we were getting enough. It turns […]

Travolta Comes Clean About Hair Loss

After a stellar career spanning decades, and always featuring his thick black locks, John Travolta, has finally come clean about his hair loss. Very clean indeed.    John Travolta In Pictures His acting career started on television, where he appeared for four years until 1979 in a show called “Welcome back, Kotter.” It was in […]

Exactly What Is In Your Vitamin Supplements?

With sales of mineral and vitamin supplements soaring we ask, in light of concerning news from the USA, exactly what are we being sold and can we have confidence in the information on the label?   Vitamin Sales Boosted Sales of vitamins and minerals are soaring. Driven on by a steady shift in attitude towards […]