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Hair Loss Is A Touchy Subject For Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis – “I’ve seen all those little digs where they try to make you feel less of a man because you’re losing your hair. I’m a man and I will kick anyone’s butt who tries to tell me I’m not a man because my hair is thinning. I wear hairpieces in films. I don’t wear them in real life. End of subject.”

Non Surgical Hair Replacement Options

If you are losing your hair, it is probable that you have evaluated the many options available to help you deal with the problem, including both surgical and non surgical hair replacement options. The range of choices available can leave many hair loss sufferers even more confused than before they started

Sudden Hair Loss? Possible Causes

If you are suffering from sudden hair loss, quite possibly without any warning, there are a number of conditions, permanent and temporary, which may be causing this spontaneous loss of hair.

Fresh from the Forum

I can only comment on the treatment I have received and it has been top drawer. Any specific questions you want to ask, please don’t hesitate. Nearly everyone on here has been affected to different degrees with hair loss so you are certainly not alone.

Hair Replacement Options

There are many hair replacement solutions available, however each has its own advantages and disadvantages. As with all hair loss products, it is up to the individual to decide for themselves which is the best solution to suit their own particular circumstances.

HIS Hair Clinic in the US

As part of our expansion program, HIS Hair Clinic are very proud to announce the successful launch of MHT Micro Hair Technique treatments in the United States.

What Causes Hair Loss?

The question of what causes hair loss depends entirely on the individual, their family history, medical conditions and their lifestyle. The important thing to remember, is that the vast majority of hair loss is perfectly natural. What causes hair loss for most people is simple genetics, where hair loss runs in the family, making the […]

New Hair Loss Treatment Gaining Recognition

MHT®, or the Micro Hair Technique, is a relatively new hair loss treatment, but is fast gaining recognition as the most innovative, groundbreaking hair loss solution available. What started as a mere idea, following years of training and combining existing cosmetic enhancement techniques, has now become one of the worlds fastest growing hair loss treatments. […]

HIS Hair Clinic open new facilities in Spain

HIS Hair Clinic are proud to announce the opening of two new clinics, located under the Spanish sunshine in Malaga and Marbella.

Hair Implants – What Are They?

In the strictest sense, hair implants are simply hair that has been implanted using the FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplant technique. In fact, there is no difference whatsoever between hair implants and a FUE procedure, they are simply two terminologies used to describe the same technique. Hair implants involves moving hair follicles from one […]

Gene That Regulates Hair Growth Identified

Activation of the gene Lhx2 leads to increased hair growth. This is shown by Leif Carlsson’s research team at Umeå University in Sweden in an article in the latest web edition of the scientific journal PLoS Genetics. The findings partly refute earlier research results in the field.

Hair Loss Shampoo – Does It Work?

Amongst the wide range of hair loss products available, are a number of hair loss shampoo products, claiming to slow or even prevent the onset of hair loss. The obvious question however, is do they actually work? A significant proportion of clients visiting one of our hair clinic locations, have tried using some form of […]

Micro Hair Tattoo – What Is It?

As the original innovators of the Micro Hair Technique, we have noticed a significant increase in public awareness, as word of the technique has spread throughout the world. As an effective, safe and viable alternative to traditional hair transplant surgery, this is hardly surprising, however some of the terminology used by the general public to […]

Hair Loss Cure – Does It Exist?

Anyone suffering from hair loss will understand how difficult it can be to accept. We regularly meet clients who are suffering from an extreme lack of confidence and low self-esteem, effects that sometimes result in poor physical health, all as a direct consequence of their hair loss. It is perfectly natural therefore, for sufferers of […]

Thyroid Hair Loss

People who are concerned about the loss of their hair, should consult their doctor to establish whether or not they are suffering from thyroid hair loss. Whenever your body requires extra energy, or when energy levels are deficient, the hair cells are shut down automatically to redirect the energy elsewhere. Such a deficiency could be […]

Al’s video case study

View Al’s video case study (HD available)

Anthony’s video case study

View Anthony’s video case study (HD available)

Jayson’s video case study

View Jayson’s video case study (HD available)

John’s video case study

View John’s video case study (HD available)…

Glen’s video case study

View Glen’s video case study (HD available)

Hair Loss Prevention

There are several causes for hair loss in men and women. The most common cause for hair loss in men is androgenetic alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness. When the male hormone – testosterone – gets converted to DHT through a natural reaction of enzymes, it causes hair loss by strangling the hair follicles, […]

Hair Loss Causes

There are many common causes of excessive hair loss. Most commonly the cause is genetic, however there are many other reasons why you may be affected by the loss of your hair.

Hair Growth

Those suffering from some form of hair loss, regularly ask us if we can provide any advice to boost their hair growth.

Vitamins For Hair Loss

At HIS Hair Clinic, we are often asked if there are any specific vitamins for hair loss prevention, that may be worth taking to slow, or prevent the loss of hair.

Hair Loss Products

There are a multitude of hair loss products available, each claiming to work in a slightly different way, but all ultimately promising to reduce, prevent, or even reverse hair loss.

Receding hairlines and scalp micropigmentation

For most men, the first sign of a hair loss problem is a receding hairline. This can vary from a slight raising of the hairline, to a full blown horseshoe effect, resulting in thinning hair higher up the scalp, on either side of the head. A receding hairline can have a profound effect on a […]

What causes hair loss in women?

One of the most common forms of hair loss in women (and men) is a condition called telogen effluvium, in which there is a diffused (or widely spread out) shedding of hairs around the scalp and elsewhere on the body.

What Is Hair Restoration?

The term ‘hair restoration’ is a general phrase used to describe the regeneration of hair on the human scalp.

Overview of HIS hair clinic

View the HIS Hair Clinic overview video (HD available)

Ryan Giggs Has Treatment For Hair Loss

Ryan Giggs may have enjoyed the high life as a professional footballer for several years now, but even the Manchester United legend can’t escape the onset of hair loss.

Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment May Soon Be A Reality

With men worldwide becoming increasingly distressed about their receding hairlines, it is encouraging to hear news that stem cell research may soon provide answers for some hair loss sufferers. Stem cell regeneration has been very effective over the last 10 years or so at producing hair growth in mice, a fact that has been well […]

Taz’s Case Study

Taz first started to lose his hair when he was just 27 years old, with no family history of male pattern baldness…

The London Hair Clinic

The London Hair Clinic are one of our partners.

Marbella Medical

Marbella Medical are one of our partners.

Aesthetic Clinics

Aesthetic Clinics are one of our partners.

Oxford Skin Clinics

Oxford Skin Clinics are one of our partners.


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Permanent Make-Up

Generally permanent make-up, also known as semi-permanent make-up or general micro pigmentation treatments, are carried out by women who do not solely focus on treating hair loss and the scalp area. However there are now some make-up practitioners trying to perform scalp tattooing.

Nanogen Nanofibres

Nanogen is a vast range of branded hair loss products, pioneered and marketed by a laboratory in the UK since 1999.

What is DermMatch?

For what it claims to do, DermMatch seems to do its job fairly well. We have doubts about its durability but aside from that, the product seems quite popular amongst hair loss sufferers.

Wigs, Toupees and Hair Systems

Wigs, more respectfully described as toupees, hairpieces, hair systems or hair units, are basically an artificial arrangement used to conceal hair loss and are essentially a head of hair, made from a variety of materials, ranging from horse hair or human hair to wool or synthetic materials.

Hair Cloning

Research has shown that cells from hair follicles can be isolated from a donor and injected into the skin of the patient, creating new, intact hair. However, this treatment is still at the development stage.

Hair Transplant UK

If you are suffering from some form of hair loss you may be considering a hair transplant. UK hair loss clinics often offer hair transplant surgery as an option, however in this highly profitable marketplace, many UK clinics fail to provide a balanced view.

Hair Transplant Surgery

A hair transplant is a common technique that moves skin containing hair follicles from a donor site, to a bald or balding site.

Vin Diesel proves a shaved head is highly desirable

Vin Diesel was very much the right personality thrust into the limelight at the right time, and the world adored him for both his no-nonsense yet spirited acting performances, and his universally appreciated good looks.

Crowning Glory – Prince William Sports Dark Bushy Hair

Prince William has appeared on the cover of a celebrity magazine with what seems to be an unusually dark and full head of hair.

Even Jason Statham Not Immune To Hair Loss

Hair loss hasn’t stopped Jason Statham being widely regarded as one of the worlds most attractive male actors.

Andre Agassi Used To Wear A Wig

Even Andre is not immune to insecurities about his hair loss. The long lion-mane hairstyle he sported throughout the 90’s that he became so well known by, ultimately resulted in a highly embarrasing situation when he was forced to admit it was actually a wig.

Hair Tattoo Terminology Explained

The phrase ‘hair tattoo’ is one that tends to cause confusion from time to time, so we thought it best to clarify exactly where the term ‘hair tattoo’ is derived from.

Scalp Tattoo Option Becoming Popular

For hair loss sufferers, a scalp tattoo is fast becoming one of their preferred options to camouflage their baldness.

Head Tattoo Enquiries Increasing

Just recently we have noticed a sharp increase in the number of clients contacting us in error to ask for regular head tattoo work.

All about alopecia

As word is spreading about the MHT technique, we are treating more and more clients suffering from alopecia who come to us to camouflage the affected areas.

An innovative solution to hair loss

This article was published by Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetics Today magazine, one of the industrys leading trade journals in March 2010. The article cites the MHT technique as a viable treatment option for sufferers of alopecia.

Geoff’s story

Geoff is one of our many satisfied customers, who turned to HIS Hair Clinic after trying several other options including Procerin and Rogaine. Following his MHT treatment, Geoff feels like a new man and was so impressed with our service, he’s agreed to work with us on one of our PR campaigns. This is his story.

A groundbreaking new solution for hair loss sufferers?

This article was published by the Birmingham Express & Star newspaper in February 2010. The article examines hair loss in general and introduces the MHT technique as a viable treatment option.

Get the lowdown on Propecia and Finasteride

Most of our customers come to us because they’ve tried several other ways to manage their hair loss without success. In fact, many customers are literally at their wits end after exhausting every option imaginable.

MHT® and SMP

Many people around the world now refer to MHT® as Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP). HIS Hair Clinic explains what SMP actually is, and where the name originated from To understand the story, it is important to start from the beginning. Back in 2002, HIS co-Founders Ian Watson and Ranbir Rai-Watson were searching for a solution for […]

Why hair loss forums offer a real alternative to counselling

This article was published by the Huddersfield Daily Examiner in January 2010 and relates to the increasing role the internet is playing in offering advice and support to individuals suffering from hair loss and other ailments.

HIS Hair Clinics Forum proving popular

The HIS forum was originally set up to allow new customers of HIS to access information and ask questions in an open environment. As time has gone on, we’ve found that one of the greatest benefits to having a forum is that it enables those who are considering having an MHT® makeover to mingle with […]

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HIS Hair Clinic in the news

HIS Hair Clinic and our innovative MHT® hair loss technique are creating quite a storm in the media. Several newspapers, magazines and trade journals have highlighted MHT® as a true answer to hair loss, restoring confidence and self-esteem to hundreds of satisfied clients worldwide. We truly believe that MHT® has the potential to change the […]

An introduction to Male Pattern Baldness

Male Pattern Baldness in the news! The Newcastle Evening Chronicle, the biggest selling regional newspaper in the North East, report on the condition and the solutions available. Published in January 2010.

Costa Del MHT® anyone?

HIS Hair Clinics is proud to announce the opening of two new clinics, located under the Spanish sunshine in Malaga and Marbella. Obviously our clientele to these clinics are predominantly Spanish, however we’ve been surprised how many of our British clients have been taking advantage of our facilities there, in Marbella in particular. The recent […]

A modern style for every man

A question that we’ve been asked a lot lately is how our clients become accustomed to a short, cropped hairstyle. Whilst many customers take advantage of the MHT® technique to make their head of hair appear fuller, the majority ask us to apply the treatment over most of their scalp to result in the cropped […]

MHT® and alopecia

Did you know that MHT® Micro Hair Tattooing is an ideal solution for covering baldness caused by alopecia? About 1.7% of the population suffer from alopecia, and whilst it is not damaging to your health, the condition can cause distress amongst those affected by it. Alopecia often takes the sufferer by surprise, as symptoms can […]

HIS Hair Clinics gain worldwide recognition

HIS Hair Clinic is an internationally recognised provider of innovative hair loss treatment through our specialist MHT MicroHair™ and MHT HairReplication™ scalp pigmentation techniques. HIS currently have three clinics in England, one in Wales, one in Scotland and two in Spain.

Hair Transplant Scars and MHT®

An excerpt from an article published by the Teeside Evening Gazette in December 2009, about scarring that is usually caused by hair transplant surgery.

New website, new community

You may have noticed we have been making changes to our new website. We have now built an interactive area where you can comment on blog posts, take part in polls and read our latest news articles. This area is designed to serve as a goldmine of information for hair loss sufferers worldwide, giving you […]

The close shaved hairstyle in modern Britain

An article published by the Liverpool Echo newspaper in November 2009, examining the perception of the close shaved hairstyle and how it has changed in recent times.

An innovative solution for alopecia

Alopecia is a condition that affects thousands of men and women across the globe. The Birmingham Mail, the biggest selling newspaper in the West Midlands reports on this common ailment. Published in November 2009.

Wigs – Are they really the best solution for hair loss sufferers?

This article published by the Liverpool Daily Post in October 2009, examines the history of the wig and how its use developed in recent times.

Jae Pak, MD – Hair restoration surgeon in Los Angeles

Based at the New Hair Institute in Los Angeles, California, Dr Jae Pak is one of the leading hair restoration and transplant surgeons in the area. Hair loss and baldness have become huge problems for our society. One in three men has some kind of hair loss problem, which makes millions of men around the […]

Los Angeles hair restoration by Marc Dauer, MD

Dr Marc Dauer is a specialist in hair loss treatment. He lives and works in Los Angeles in the United States. 2007 is the year when he became a member of the ISHRS and he has attended six annual meetings so far. Dr Marc Dauer, as already mentioned, is a famous specialist in treating hair […]

Hair loss salon uses tattooing technique

This article was published in January 2008 by the Birmingham Post newspaper, covering the story of the opening of our former premises in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.