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Bald Obsession Surfaces At Royal Wedding

One British newspaper managed to upset the team at HIS HQ as their bald obsession infected their coverage of the Royal wedding.   When Harry Wed Meghan A fair portion of the globe tuned in to watch the marriage of Prince Harry, sixth or so in line to the British throne and younger brother of […]

UK Woman Credits Shampoo As Her Alopecia Cure

Last week in the UK the Daily Mail bought us the story of a UK woman in her forties who found her own alopecia miracle cure on the supermarket shelf. We look closer.   Belinda’s Story Belinda Clarke, from Swindon in England’s South West, is 44 years old and has suffered almost her whole life […]

16 Reasons You Might Be Losing Hair

No less a journal than the Readers Digest has offered a surprisingly high 16 reasons for losing hair that are mostly treatable. Read on.   Readers Digest This informative general-interest family magazine has been on the shelves for nearly 100 years. It’s enduring appeal, it is still achieving over 2.5M in circulation for it’s 10 […]

Hair Loss Cure Hat Trick

After a week which saw two genuinely new avenues of research open up for hair loss researchers we look at yet another possibly promising development…   New Hope The story we covered earlier in the week around the team from the University of Manchester, they had discovered a wonderful side effect of the treatment for […]

TV A-Lister Asks For Hair Loss Help

In the modern world of social media how else does a troubled superstar ask for help with a personal problem… Sarah Hyland chose Instagram.   Sarah Hyland Known by millions as the eldest daughter in the hit comedy show “Modern Family” Sarah Hyland has suffered from birth with a challenging condition called kidney dysplasia. Sufferers […]

Gut Bacteria And Hair Loss

News from Japan details some fascinating new research into the role our gut bacteria might play in hair loss. We look closer.   Gut Bacteria The role that our gut bacteria plays in our broader health is only recently beginning to be understood… or at least grasped. The link between the immune system and the […]

Balding – Another Point Of View

Reacting to the latest hair loss cure story Tom Usher, a highly regarded freelance journalist, offered his view in the Guardian’s comment section. Worth sharing we thought.   Tidy Tom Tom Usher could be an outstanding candidate for Scalp Micropigmentation, a tall handsome fella with his head shaved down to the bone. He writes, in […]

Hair Loss Cure Episode XXX – A New Hope

It’s been an up and down week for Manchester but news reaches us that the latest hair loss cure has been discovered there. We look closer. Well, we would.   Manchester’s Rollercoaster Week It is not every week your local team wins the ultra competitive English Premier League. Unless you live in Manchester that is, […]

Why Is My Hair Turning Grey?

Like hair loss, greying hair for some can be an extremely unwelcome development. What causes it and what can be done?   Why Does Hair Turn Grey For starters, hair does not turn grey. Grey is the colour that is left when the original colour of the hair is no longer supplied in the follicle. […]

Personal Hair Loss Story Makes Tough Reading

A remarkable personal story of a 13 year battle with hair loss has been read throughout HIS HQ. We share…   Vice Vice is a website and magazine that carries professionally written articles alongside personal contributions and provides an eclectic spread with something for everyone. Our eye was well and truly caught by one of […]

Hair Loss Treatments – A Doctors Eye View

A short while back the German Society of Dermatologists took a long hard look at hair restoration. We take a look.   Hair Restoration In a report that was eventually published in 2011 the German Society of Dermatologists set out to achieve something not seen before. Their noble ambition was to provide the medical profession […]

Topical JAK Hair Loss Treatment In Trial

At last! A serious study looking at a topical version of the hair loss cure hopeful, JAK inhibitors. We look closer.   Aclaris Therapeutics We have been watching their progress for what seems like forever, such is the glacial pace of progress in the world of new medicines. Aclaris Therapeutics are another of the new […]

Alopecia Sufferer Wins Little Miss Wisconsin

A heartwarming story from the state of Wisconsin where a 2nd Grader suffering from alopecia has just won the Little Miss Wisconsin pageant. We just had to look closer…   Alopecia Areata Joslyn Larson is not your typical beauty pageant winner. The second grader from Eau Claire in Wisconsin has set an example to young […]

Ruxotilinib Making Hair Loss News

Ruxolitinub is suddenly in the news, approved in 2011 it has been touted as a possible hair loss cure. We take a closer look.   Ruxolitinub When it was first approved for use in medical treatment it was as a treatment for a particular form of cancer.  Myelofibrosis, a rare bone marrow cancer, had been […]

Lettuce In On The Hair Loss Cure

Medicine has recognised the benefits of the lettuce for a very long time, we take a closer look at this humble hair loss cure.   A Long History We have been cultivating lettuce for absolutely ages. Around 6,500 years ago the lettuce made a transition from being just another weed to a plant that we […]

New Hair Loss Blow For Breast Cancer Sufferers

In addition to chemotherapy, cancer sufferers undergoing endocrine treatment have been warned they should also expect hair loss. We look closer.   Hair Loss During Chemotherapy The often dramatic hair loss that accompanies chemotherapy treatment is usually the first visible sign of the sickness. The emotional effects on the patient can be dramatic, indeed for […]

Drug-induced alopecia - which are the main offenders?

Hair Loss Supplements Under Fire

A heady mix of social media and celebrities are being used to shill hair loss supplements of extremely dubious value, and some threat. We look closer.   The Supplement Industry It was an industry born in that most optimistic of decades. In the 1960’s Linus Pauling, at one time hailed as America’s greatest young scientist, […]

Cooling Cap Hair Loss Saver Hits Snag

Cooling caps have made a mark on the world of chemotherapy, but the latest news suggests they might struggle to achieve widespread availability. We look closer.   Cooling Caps The idea was a simple one,  that by significantly cooling the scalp, thus reducing blood supply to the area, fewer of the toxic chemicals used during […]

Hair Loss? Are You Getting Your Oats?

Before you resort to expensive solutions to fix your hair loss maybe you should consider your diet?   Healthy Hair Hair, a feature common to almost all mammals, is made of keratin. It is the same stuff that makes horns, claws and hooves as well as being the protein that forms a protective outer layer […]

Atlanta Hairdresser Leads Fight Against Traction Alopecia

Traction alopecia is a serious problem for African American women, one hairdresser in Atlanta Ga. is spreading the word and using her skills to fight the problem.   Razor Chic Jasmine Collins has established her salon, Razor Chic in Atlanta Georgia, as a go to for African American women suffering with traction alopecia. This form […]

Is FMT Really The Answer To Hair Loss?

We wrote recently about FMT and it’s extraordinary curative abilities, including to restore hair. We look closer.   Faecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) As we reported previously, see the first article by clicking here, FMT was reported in 2013 in the New England Journal of Medicine. It told the story of a research study which had […]

Hair Loss? Take A Stool Please

Remarkable test results are suggesting that the most unusual treatment we have ever heard of might work on hair loss. And much more…   New Hope We are spoiled for choice these days when it comes to smart research teasing us with ever more in depth understandings of the processes around hair growth and loss. […]

easter egg hair loss

Could Easter eggs be good for your hair

Dark chocolate is renowned for its health benefits when eaten in small quantities. However, one of its most exciting side effects is its potential to promote hair growth. Not only that, but chocolate is also said to add shine to the hair. So, does this mean if we eat chocolate, our hair will benefit? Below, […]

A Refreshing Take On Hair Loss

In an interesting article we found a young man with a refreshingly upbeat take on his own hair loss.   Hair Loss Among Young Men A study, from the website of the US National Library of Health, based on over a thousand randomly selected men between the ages of 30 and 50, found that, of […]

hairl loss myths

Five hair “myths” that are actually true

Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish fact from fiction when it comes to hair loss. We discuss some of the most common misunderstandings here. Hair extensions can cause hair loss. It may sound like a myth but actually traction alopecia is surprisingly common where the follicles are placed under stress.  Even tight pony tails and braids […]

Trump gives thumbs up to facial hair

An opinion piece in the New York Times this week by Christopher Oldstone-Moore muses about the appointment of John Bolton to National security advisor.  The tongue in cheek piece draws attention to Bolton’s Bushy moustache and he doesn’t conform to Donald Trump’s normal preference for appointees from “central casting”. 100 years of American history and […]

FDA investigate Monat hair care products

The latest bad news to hit the US hair industry is an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) investigation into the trendy Monat hair care company. Nearly 200 women have raised complaints about the products which claim to promise “long, fuller, stronger” hair. Class action lawsuit against Monat A customer of the product, Dana Sohovich has […]

Could Cockroaches Be The Answer To Hair Loss?

Cockroaches have been used in Chinese medicine for some time, but new work suggests they might help with hair loss. We look closer.   Regeneration Humans have always admired the ability of particular animals to repair themselves. Lizards that can regrow lost tails. Crocodiles that can regrow limbs. Some invertebrates are capable of extraordinary feats […]

hair loss

Some reasons you might be losing it.

It’s quite normal to shed up to 100 hairs a day but what if you’re losing more than that?  Well the first thing is DON’T PANIC.  By the time they reach 30 up to 80% of all men are showing some signs of hair loss so it is perfectly normal.  Also, more often than not […]

easter hair loss

Hair loss tips for the Easter break

As we approach the Easter holidays maybe you’ve got a bit of time off.  Here’s a few things you can do to make the most of the break to give you and your hair a rest. Watch the diet. Actually, dark chocolate can be good for your hair but you can’t live on Easter eggs […]

groom bald

Jilted at the altar for being bald

Imagine being turned down at the altar by your fianceé because she discovered that you were bald. It happened to one unfortunate neurosurgeon from New Delhi last month when he took off his headpiece during the ceremony. It was an arranged marriage and the couple had never met before so the baldness could have been […]

Korean Research Team Predict Hair Loss Cure

Exciting news out of South Korea where a team have been working with a protein that they tell us holds promise as a hair loss cure.   Yonsei University Who we hear you cry! For the uninformed we can tell you that Yonsei is one of Korea’s oldest universities, established in 1885… the first year […]

omega 3

Could omega 3 be the answer to hair loss?

Omega 3, found in fish oil has long been seen as a health supplement.  If you read the list of disorders it can apparently tackle it does indeed seem like a truly amazing thing.  According to Albawaba It can be used to treat heart disease, depression, hypertension, ADHD and arthritis.  It doesn’t stop there though […]


Hair loss drug could reduce chance of heart attack

We’ve written about Minoxidil many times as a hair loss treatment.  Clinically proven minoxidil, along with finasteride are the two main compounds that can help stop hair loss in its tracks and can prove particularly effective when used in conjunction with other treatments such as a hair transplant.  Recent research published in the American Journal […]

Baldness Signifies Height Strength and Dominance

We look back at a 2012 study which researched how men with shaved or bald heads were perceived and consider the implications for Scalp Micropigmentation wearers.   Perceptions We are all familiar with how important first impressions are, that instant set of judgements we all subconsciously make. We all understand that things like what people […]


How to spot Androgenic Alopecia

Hair loss is something which for many men in inevitable, it is often due to androgenic alopecia – male pattern hair loss. It is estimated that by the age of thirty five, sixty percent of men will have experienced hair loss and thinning to some extent. This figure increases to eighty five percent amongst men […]

trump hair loss

Trump and the Hair Theorists

It’s never long before US President, Donald Trump, is back hitting the headlines. However, they’re often focused on his hair as much as the political scene in Washington. After his medical assessment was made public, hair loss has been a popular topic of speculation surrounding Trump. Hair theorists from across the globe have been busy […]

St Baldrick’s Day Celebrations Hit New Heights

St Baldricks Day was the idea of a child cancer charity, a day when thousands across the States shave their heads to raise much needed cash. We look closer.   St Baldricks Day The St Baldricks Foundation is a charity dedicated to funding the research that could end childhood cancer. Cancer is the number one […]


Should you be considering PRP treatment?

There’s no denying that the past couple of years have been significant for the hair loss industry. There’s been superb breakthroughs in hair loss research, as well as improvements in new and existing treatments. By far one the strangest new additions to the industry is PRP treatment. Here, we’ll look at what PRP treatment actually […]

gender hair loss

Gender equality and hair loss

At one time, hair loss was largely associated with middle aged men. It was considered an unavoidable age-related issue which men had to suck up and deal with. However, these days the problem is known to affect a large number of both men and women. A new survey has highlighted while both men and women […]

terry jenkins

Terry Jenkins gets to the point about his hair loss

Darts fans were shocked at the 2018 qualifiers, when former star Terry Jenkins returned as a PDPA Associate Member. Sporting a new, totally bald look, it didn’t take long for fans to start questioning what had led to his sudden hair loss. To clear up the confusion, Jenkins revealed his new bald locks were a […]

Finasteride Shows Benefits Beyond Hair Loss

Finasteride is one of only two US FDA approved hair loss medications, a new study has suggested it may offer benefits beyond saving your hair, like that isn’t enough.   Finasteride Sold under the brand names Propecia and Proscar, Finasteride was originally developed as a medication to treat an enlarged prostate back in 1992 before […]

Laser Finasteride Combination Hair Loss Treatment

It seems someone has got around to pre-treating the scalp with laser prior to finasteride application under laboratory conditions, we look closer.   Fractionated Laser First developed in 2003 fractional laser treatment was proposed as a new method for treating skin that needed resurfacing. Suitable for clients suffering from wrinkles, acne chicken pox or transplant/surgery […]

eat your way to healthy hair

Eat your way to healthy hair

Is it possible to eat your way to healthy hair? According to nutritionists, the answer is yes! By making just a few dietary changes, it’s apparently possible to prevent devastating hair loss. The key word here of course, is prevention. If you’re already suffering with hair loss or hair thinning, dietary changes are unlikely to […]

Is There A Future For Synthetic Hair Transplants?

Hair transplants using synthetic hair have been around for a long time without making a real impression. Why is that? And are things about to change anytime soon?   Anyone For Hair Fibres? You can see why the idea came about. Sparsely haired men turning up at transplant clinics woefully short of enough follicles to […]

future hair loss

Is this the future for hair loss treatment?

Hope for a hair loss cure has been provided once again after researchers develop a new hair restoration technique. There’s been a lot of developments in hair regeneration in recent years, and this latest one from Japanese scientists is definitely one of the most exciting. Understanding the study A team of researchers from Japan, have […]

Can Caffeine Prevent Hair Loss?

Caffeine is one of the most popular drugs in the planet, is it also a key to healthy hair and preventing hair loss? We look closer.   What is Caffeine? We should start at the beginning, caffeine is a psychoactive drug. As just about the only psychoactive drug that is legal it is by some […]

brian mcfadden

McFadden goes public about his hair transplant

Ex Westlife singer Brian McFadden, has become the latest male celebrity to undergo a hair transplant. The star revealed photos of his new look and opened up about his battle with hair loss, claiming his receding hairline made him feel really self-conscious. Now, he couldn’t be happier and is looking forward to regaining his old […]

Aclaris Announce Latest Hair Loss Patent

Aclaris Therapeutics Inc. have made the latest in a series of announcements on their research into JAK inhibitors for hair loss.   Aclaris Therapeutics Inc. Aclaris are based in Pennsylvania. They were set up to address areas of the market where they saw unmet needs, like hair loss, and seek to develop and bring to […]

bald man

Do you ever get used to being bald?

For many men, going bald can be a devastating experience. While hair loss is an extremely common issue, it doesn’t ease the negative psychological effects suffered throughout the balding process. The question is, once the hair is totally lost, do you ever get used to being bald? Is it possible to embrace baldness? There’s been […]

Hair Loss Benefits Of Neem Leaves

Neem leaves have been used in Asia for centuries and are touted as a hair loss saviour. We look closer.   What Are Neem Leaves? Neem is a tree that grows natively across the Indian subcontinent, it can also be found in Australia where it was introduced in the 1940’s to provide shade to cattle. […]

hair transplant market

Hair Transplant Market to Be Worth £9 Million in 7 Years

Persistent Market Research has revealed the hair transplant market is set to be worth a whopping £9 million by the year 2025. It’s estimated there will be a 6.7% CAGR growth within this timeframe. Hair transplants have already gained in popularity thanks to numerous male celebrities sharing their experiences. Now, according to the research, advancements […]

men only

The men only salon down under

A barber from New Zealand has sparked outrage after he refused to cut a woman’s hair; the situation has resulted in irate customers accusing him of discrimination online. The woman who has asked to go simply by the name Rachael shared that she visited the barber shop in Wellington, New Zealand and asked for a […]

beard transplant dating

Finding love with a beard

A brand-new dating service has been launched especially for men with beards and the people who love them. According to research, not only do beards make men sexier, but they also provide awesome health benefits such as asthma relief and the prevention of skin cancer. It’s become a major trend in recent years, with this […]

Can shampoo prevent hair loss?

Hair loss shampoos have been readily available for years now. However, the majority aren’t exactly proven to work. After all, there are so many different potential causes of hair loss and each requires a different type of treatment. In the majority of cases, hair loss shampoo will prove ineffective because the hair loss isn’t caused […]

Could McDonalds could be good for your hair

When you’re searching for a hair loss cure, McDonald’s is the last place you’d think to look. However, according to surprising new research, the key to baldness could be found in McDonald’s fries. Japanese researchers discovered that the famous fast food chain’s fries contain a chemical which can help to encourage hair growth. However, before […]

What You Need To Know About Trichotillomania Hair Loss

Trichotillomania is a distressing condition that sees sufferers literally pulling their own hair out, here are the essentials.   What Is Trichotillomania? Trichotillomania is categorized as a medical illness that causes the sufferer to pull on their own hair. The sufferer will typically pull away at the same type of hair, be that eyebrow, eyelash […]


Are we giving Trump too hard a time about his hair?

US President, Donald Trump, is no stranger to the limelight. However, for months now his hair, rather than his political duties, have been the subject of speculation and ridicule. So, are we giving Trump too hard a time about his hair and would we be doing the same if it was a female leader? Revealing […]

hair transplant

The importance of finding the right surgeon

When you are searching for a hair transplant surgeon, we cannot stress the importance of taking the time to find the right surgeon for your procedure. A hair transplant procedure involves donor hair which is precious and limited; therefore any hair restoration surgery should be planned as accurately as possible in advance so that you […]

Put On A Hat To Help Find Brain Tumour Cure

Sarah Gaffney-Lang, from Manchester in the UK, battling her own brain tumour, is an inspiration to many through her story and support for Wear A Hat day. We look closer.   Sarah’s Story Sarah Gaffney-Lang was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the tragically young age of just 29. Surgery attempting to remove 95% of […]

hair loss

It’s not just humans who suffer hair loss

For many men, baldness is hereditary condition which just cannot be avoided. Male pattern baldness often begins with thinning hair on the crown of the head and a receding hairline which develops into an unstoppable force. But have you ever thought about the rest of the animal kingdom? Although growing hair is a defining trait […]

Original Stem Cell Solution For Hair Loss

From Korea news reaches us of another interesting stem cell research development in the hunt for a hair loss cure, we look closer. Medipost A couple of weeks ago we were reading tabloid headlines declaring that a chemical used in McDonald’s French Fries could be the answer to hair loss, the news revolved around a […]

hair cut

Getting the right cut for thinning hair

Male pattern baldness affects the majority of men at some time in their life, but when it happens at a young age, it can prove particularly distressing. Many men turn to all kinds of natural remedies and extreme cover-up methods to hide their thinning locks. However, did you know the remedy could be a simple […]

hair loss medusa

Hair in myth and legend

Lots of salons claim to be able to produce legendary hairstyles but can any of them compete with these genuine legends passed down through the centuries? Samson. The last of the judges of the Ancient Isrealites who lost all his immense strength when his hair was cut. Actually, his superhuman strength wasn’t down to his […]

mullet hair style

The Mullet makes a comeback in Australia

Just when you thought the mullet had been consigned to the history books of horrible hair it’s suddenly making a resurgence down under.   The style (if you can call it that) made famous by Waddle, Hoddle and Bono and many others in the 80s is the subject of a brand new festival in Kurri Kurri, […]

UK Man Stumbles On Hair Loss Cure

Anthony Smith is an unlikely candidate to have found the cure for hair loss, but he has been working on it for over twenty years and claiming success. Really?   The Process Of Experimentation Anthony Smith spent his working life at North Thames Gas, a UK utility provider, where he worked in a lab. He […]

trump transplant

Piecing Together Trump’s Hair Loss

The gust of wind that blew Donald Trump’s hair up revealing a bald patch on the back of his head as he boarded Air Force One could be just the clue that the media have been looking for.  For years his unique combover has been the centre of press speculation.  Some have asserted it’s a […]

Did Trump's hair get him elected?

Trump’s Reveals Bald Facts

After months, decades maybe, of wild speculation about the state of Donald Trump’s hair the sitting President finally came clean during a presentation… we just had to look closer.   A Long Battle With Hair Loss According to his own doctor, Trump has been using an FDA approved hair loss medication for a long time. […]

hair transplant

Gogglebox star has third hair transplant

As the self-appointed “vainest man in the world”, the Gogglebox star Chris Butland-Steed has just undergone his third hair transplant in two years.  Struggling with hair loss since his early 20s, Chris is very pleased with the latest procedure which he describes as the “final piece of the jigsaw”, saying, “I won’t require any further […]

heat damage

Eight ways to avoid hair loss

Go easy with the heat. Too much styling with hot irons and hair dryers can permanently damage hair.  If you must style all the time think about using the cool setting. Eat a balanced diet. At the end of the day our hair is like a barometer of our general wellbeing.  If your body isn’t […]

hair loss

Hair loss and mental health

It’s all too easy to poke fun at men as they start to lose their hair.  After all it comes to at least 50% of us by the time we’re 50 but that doesn’t diminish the damaging psychological effects on some of us.  It’s not always middle age where the problem occurs either.  Male pattern […]

Researchers Identify Key Hair Loss Cells

A team at UT Southwestern in Dallas have published some amazing results from their research into hair loss. We look closer.   UT Southwestern As one of the nation’s premier academic centers, with an expenditure on research well in excess of $400M a year, the teams from UT Southwestern are regularly published in medical journals. […]

oscar hair loss

How to make your hair Oscar proof

We’re into the award season now with the BAFTAs already done and the Academy Awards only a few weeks away.  Whilst there’s plenty of coverage of female stars on the red carpet most of the discussion will be about the gown chosen for the evening.  Spare a thought for the leading men though.  For them […]

Hair Loss At Heart Of Senate Committee Review

This month a Senate Committee announced a plan to consider an overhaul of cosmetics regulations, with hair loss at the heart of many complaints.   Contaminated Cosmetics A recent hike in the number of product recalls government warnings and contaminated products could lead to Congress looking at giving US cosmetics law a makeover. That is […]

Swedish Hair Loss Solution Goes To Phase II Trial

Swedish firm Follicum have received clearance to move to Phase II clinical trials for their hair loss treatment. We look closer.   Follicum AB One of the new breed of relatively small biotech firms, each with their own area of focus or expertise, Follicum is a Swedish business set up with a focus on discovering […]

DIY hair loss solutions

DIY hair loss solutions

Despite hair loss being more commonly associated with men, the American Hair Loss Association has found that forty percent of women make up American hair loss sufferers. With hair loss being such a common problem amongst both men and women, it is unsurprising that such a large amount of people are looking for quick-fix, DIY […]

herbal supplement

New Product Claims To Revolutionise Hair Loss Treatment

A new herbal hair loss treatment by the name of Nolopecia has been launched in America. The product claims to be a safe and effective dietary supplement and users are expected to take the Nolopecia capsule twice a day. Nolpecia works by targeting latent viruses which are present in our bodies. Researchers behind the new […]

pollution shampoo

Is your shampoo polluting your home?

Shampoo, along with other personal care products have been targeted in the news today for being potentially more harmful than car fumes.  Bizarre as this may seem the claim is based on a thorough study by the Universities of Colarado and California Berkley. According to the lead author Brian Mcdonald “As transportation gets cleaner, those […]

Fire, Fury and Finasteride

An excerpt from the book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump House by Michael Wolff suggested that Ivanka Trump was proud of her family name and treated her father with a light attitude, even with some irony as she made fun of his comb over. Talking about Trumps interesting hairstyle, Ivanka alleged that the golden […]

Minoxidil – What You Need To Know

Minoxidil is one of only two FDA approved medications for hair loss sufferers, and the only one for women. Here is what you need to know.   Minoxidil – Where It Came From A pharmaceutical business called the Upjohn Company produced a drug called Minoxidil back in 1963 with the intention of treating ulcers. Minoxidil […]

towie james lock

Towie star has hair transplant

TOWIE star, James Lock, has recently revealed the results of a hair transplant, but not everybody is happy about it. After posting a rather gruesome picture taken after the procedure, his fans have taken to social media to berate the star for undergoing a procedure he clearly didn’t need. Fans worried Lock is promoting drastic, […]


Could Ayuverda be the Answer to Hair Loss?

Each day, the scalp sheds up to 100 hairs. It’s a natural part of the hair growth cycle and is usually nothing to be concerned about. However, if you’ve been noticing more than usual, it’s understandable you may be a little concerned. If you’ve done a quick internet search, you’ll likely have discovered many natural […]

Cold Water Poured On Hair Loss Cure

One of our favourite sites, Futurism, has been reflecting on the recent wave of “McDonalds french fries cure baldness” stories. We thought we would share their thoughts.   Mea Culpa! We will put our hands up on this. We ran the story ourselves. A team in Japan had used a chemical that McDonald’s use to […]

style thinning hair

How to style thinning hair

Thinning hair is something which affects both men and women, especially as they get older. With age, the hair follicles can start to shrink, which can stop the hair from growing at all. It also causes the strands of the hair to become thinner, as well as start to turn grey. While there are treatments […]

prince harry

Will Harry be wearing a wig on his wedding day?

According to the Daily Star Online, Prince Harry will be wearing a wig on his wedding to Meghan Markle later this year. The news comes after photos of the Prince were scrutinised late last year, showing his significant hair loss. With claims he has had a wig tailored to wear on his big day, could […]

Danai Gurira Shares Her Going Bald Experience

For her role as leader of the special forces team in new smash Marvel movie Black Panther, Danai Gurira had to shave her head. She shares the experience.   Getting Her Head Around The Role It gave her pause for thought, that moment when she realised she was going to have to shave her head […]


Why it’s worth shaving it off

Are you struggling to cover your ever-increasing bald patch? Shaving it off could be the answer! More men than ever before are choosing to embrace their baldness and they’re encouraging others to do exactly the same thing. A no-fuss, uplifting decision If you talk to the men who have chosen to shave their balding hair, […]

How To Reduce Shine On Your SMP’d Head

Among the list of items for discussion on our forum, how to reduce shine is a regular. We take a look at the solutions used by our members.   Taking The Shine Off Head shine. It is one of those things isn’t it? As a balding man you will have been subjected to the “classic” […]

hair wash

Can the way you wash your hair cause shedding?

There’s a lot of myths surrounding hair loss and its causes. One which has been doing the rounds for some time is that over-washing can cause the hair to start shedding. With all of the conflicting advice out there, it’s difficult to know what’s true and what isn’t. So, to help, here we’ll clear up […]

beard transplant

How to grow and style a beard

Are you struggling to grow and style your beard? Part of the problem could be your hygiene routine. In order for a beard to grow strong and healthy, the skin underneath needs to be taken care of. Here, you’ll discover how the right skincare routine can help your beard to flourish. Why hygiene matters Growing […]


Has Trump had scalp reduction ?

Donald Trump hit international headlines again today after a keen eyed photographer snapped what looked like a large bald patch as his hair was blown up entering Air Force One.  It’s only a few weeks that the newly published Fire and Fury: inside Trump’s White House disclosed that the President had alledgedly had scalp reduction […]

Hair Loss Help From Trevor Sorbie MBE

Trevor Sorbie MBE is possibly the UK’s best known hairdresser. Back in 2004 he set up a charity which helps women suffering from medical hair loss. We look closer.   Trevor Sorbie MBE Trevor Sorbie started cutting hair as an apprentice at the age of 15 at his fathers barber shop, back when you could […]

Pricing Donald Trump’s Hair

Using information gathered from the public domain Cheatsheet, a US website, took an entertaining look at how much President Trump might be spending on his locks.   A Vexed Question Just what is the state of President Trump’s hair has been a question kicking around since his days hosting the US version of The Apprentice […]

Chinese men hair loss

Why are Chinese young men losing hair?

A new poll has revealed Chinese men are losing their hair earlier than ever before. Results show that men are now seeking out hair loss treatment from the age of 21-22. It’s not only medical data which supports this evidence, consumer data also seems to confirm the condition is striking younger patients. Art and Marxism […]

bald man job

Bald man refused job

These days, workplace discrimination may not be as prevalent as it once was, but it’s still very much an issue for many. However, whilst it typically targets gender, race or age, one Korean man has recently discovered you can get refused a job purely because of your hair. The bald man was refused a job […]

comb over

Will the comb over ever disappear?

At one time, the comb-over was a popular and common sight – think Arthur Scargill or Bobby Charlton. In a desperate bid to cover up their baldness, men would comb what little hair they had left, over the bald spot. Unfortunately, as many have now realised, this made the baldness even easier to detect and […]

onion hair loss

Is the onion an answer to hair loss?

If you’ve started to lose your hair, it’s understandable you may have turned to the internet for a potential solution. There’s a lot of natural remedies recommended online which claim to combat hair loss and one which you may have come across is onion. Yep, onions are said to be one of the best natural […]

Trump Hair

Why does Trump take Finasteride?

Since he became elected, President Trump has never been far from the spotlight. However, it’s not always political topics which push him into the limelight. There’s one topic of debate people can’t seem to get enough of – his hair. It’s recently come to light that the president takes the popular hair loss drug Finasteride. […]

Bristol Open Day Review

One of our newest clinics opened the doors for its first open day last month, we spoke to Alex, the genial proprietor and host for the event. Alex’s Road To Success Arrive at one of our latest clinics for an appointment and you will find yourself in the hands of the talented Alex Baynes. Alex’s […]

bald man hiding

Are Hair Transplants Becoming More Popular?

Hair transplants have started to become increasingly popular over the past decade. These days, thousands of men each year opt to undergo the procedure to regain their thick, full and healthy locks. It may be expensive, but that’s not stopping those desperate enough to cover up their balding problem. Here, we’ll look at why hair […]