FDA Approval Finally Comes Through For Women’s Hair Loss Treatment

09th December 2015

FDA approval takes time, it requires a great deal of detailed research and study of research before any new medicinal product is approved for the market. In this case it was a cooling cap aimed at reducing the effects of chemotherapy drugs on hair loss. Given that the only FDA approved drug currently on the […]

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Platelet Rich Therapy (PRP) Research To Prove Efficacy In Hair Loss

08th December 2015

Platelet Rich Therapy has been around for a while and has been used by surgeons and doctors to aid recovery in a range of treatments. More recently it has been adopted as one of the very latest treatments for hair loss – its ability to use your own body’s regenerative powers to encourage resting follicles […]

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Toronto Gets the Hair Loss Clinic It Deserves

06th December 2015

Toronto is recognised as one of the great cities of the world in which to live, truly multicultural it is as bustling as it is beautiful. Home to the world famous CN Tower and a diverse population of over 2.6 million people it can now it can add to it’s list of attractions the fact […]

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Who Really Invented Scalp MicroPigmentation?

04th December 2015

It has become a challenge to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to finding a quality SMP provider. Here we set out our stall and explain the true history of SMP and back it up with cold hard facts. For lots of reasons there is nobody better qualified. The best of them […]

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Why A Shaved Head Can Look Green

30th November 2015

Most of us will know someone who would have a luscious, dense and dark beard if they allowed it to grow. If shaved they will have a clean chin that lasts until mid-afternoon, at that point the shaved hairs will begin to protrude slightly from the follicle and create what is known as a five […]

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Black Friday to Cyber Monday – 15% Discount Available!

25th November 2015

Black Friday has fast become one of the great sales events of the year, appearing relatively recently in the run-up to the Christmas holiday season it has quickly captured the imagination of shoppers and is now an unmissable treat for merchants and consumers alike. HIS Hair did not want to miss out, and certainly didn’t […]

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Prize Winning Baldness Cure Hits The Headlines

24th November 2015

The annual iGEM awards will not trip of your tongue like the Oscars, or the Nobel. But in their field they are equally influential and highlight the very best their industry have to offer. A team from the Israel Institute of Technology, known to its friends as Technion, turned up in Massachusetts for their annual […]

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What People Really Think About Bald Men

20th November 2015

We have written recently about the psychological effects of hair loss on the sufferer, but what about the attitudes of everyone they encounter? As much as the sufferer can believe that their attractiveness and ability to “fit in” normally have taken a blow, what is the reality? We take a look back at some research […]

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When Hair Loss Affects More Than Vanity

16th November 2015

As well as Androgenetic Alopecia, better known as male pattern hair loss, there are other non-genetic triggers for hair loss. Some of them are also signs of potentially serious health issues that should send you scurrying to see your Doctor. We take a closer look at a couple of serious health issues that might be […]

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Hollywood Stylist in the Dock for Selling Product that Made Users Bald

12th November 2015

Tanya Norman, declared herself the victim of a product which caused her to lose her hair – and was not about to take it lying down. Discovering she was not alone triggered a lawsuit against the makers of her favourite hair product. When businesswoman Tanya suddenly began to lose hair and develop bald spots she […]

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Antioxidants prove to be valuable weapon in the fight against female hair loss

10th November 2015

Womens hair loss for years has been a closely guarded secret, the longstanding reliance on wigs to hide the problem, even from close family members, meant that most men were never aware how common it was. It also meant that for women discovering their own hair loss came as a terrible shock. With wider discussion […]

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New drugs for treating cancer and arthritis may be the new weapon in the fight against hair loss.

08th November 2015

Like many other great breakthroughs and discoveries in medical science, sometimes when you don’t get the results you’re looking for you stumble on something that surpasses your greatest expectations. That maybe the case with a new study coming out of Columbia.   According to an associate professor from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine named Dr. […]

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What is Mesotherapy For Men

05th November 2015

It may not be a term familiar to many men, but Mesotherapy has quietly taken its place among hair loss solutions. Far from the first application for the procedure hair loss is just the latest problem being successfully addressed by this most modern of techniques.   History of Mesotherapy   For half a century Mesotherapy […]

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Final SMP Consultation Appointment Opportunities of 2015 for Seattle and San Francisco!

04th November 2015

Things are busy here on the west coast. Clinics are buzzing with treatments, satisfied clients coming and going. This is nothing unusual, especially the closer we get to the holidays. Clients typically make appointments right before they head home to see family and friends for the holiday season and to get that sharp look in […]

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Female hair loss is on the rise

02nd November 2015

According to a recent study by trichologist Philip Kingsley, around 1 in 5 UK women aged 25 and over are currently suffering from hair loss. Many potential reasons have been cited for this problem, including the rise in crash diets, certain processed foodstuffs, the stress of a hectic modern lifestyle and even the contraceptive pill. […]

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125,000,000 year-old mammal suffered from hair loss

30th October 2015

Across our seventeen clinics in nine countries across four continents, we here at HIS experience a lot of hair loss and hear a lot of stories of it from our clients who come to us when their confidence levels back them into a corner or they’ve decided it’s time to start with the man in […]

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Drugs cure baldness in mice, can it cure it in humans?

29th October 2015

Alopecia Areata – an autoimmune disease that causes the appearance of several bald patches across the scalp – is the most common form of Alopecia – which is in turn the most common form of hair loss. For every set of 10,000 people, 15 of them have Alopecia Areata in the UK alone – that’s […]

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Does dry shampoo cause hair loss?

25th October 2015

Whether you’ve had a night out on the town and an early morning to follow, or you’re out camping at a festival listening to your all-time favourite bands, dry shampoo can often be your saving grace – a can of sunshine and rainbows for your hair. Whilst we here at HIS have been prone to […]

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Californian Photographer captures chemotherapy patients in their rawest forms

22nd October 2015

We here at HIS understand better than most the trials and tribulations we all go through day in and day out. That’s why we go out of our way to fix people’s lives with our Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) treatment, returning them to the levels of confidence they once had. We’ve got seventeen clinics in nine […]

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Original Approach To A Hair Loss Tattoo

05th October 2015

Benji Madden is known to millions as the tattoo heavy Good Charlotte rocker. He is also know to millions more as the husband of Hollywood A-Lister Cameron Diaz. No stranger to outrageous hairstyles over the years he has found an extraordinary way to raise the bar with his latest move. As a man very much […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Mesotherapy

03rd October 2015

Mesotherapy is rapidly taking its place as an important weapon in the fight against hair loss. For most of us the familiar application of Mesotherapy has been Botox, used to tighten skin on the face to remove the appearance of wrinkles, chemical face-lift. So what is  Mesotherapy bringing to the table for hair loss? We […]

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Celebrity Shaves Head – Hold The Front Page!

29th September 2015

Two stories popped up within a day or so of each other this week. Between them they capture the essence of the so called popular press attitude towards men in the public eye who shave their heads.   Harry Potter – Boy To Man     The first story revolved around some shots of Daniel […]

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Is this the new wonder drug for hair loss?

26th September 2015

Scientists researching a treatment for blood cancer have uncovered a protein found in umbilical cord blood that may provide a new, breakthrough treatment to cure eczema, rheumatoid arthritis AND alopecia areata.   Alopecia areata Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss. Sufferers most commonly lose patches of hair but in some cases […]

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Zero Hair Loss For Chemotherapy Patients – A Realistic Aim?

24th September 2015

Europe’s largest Cancer conference takes place in Vienna towards the end of this month. Paxman, the pioneers of scalp cooling, will be unveiling their commitment to achieve zero hair loss during chemotherapy. What is behind this statement? Is it a realistic ambition or just a marketing gimmick? We investigate.     Paxman Scalp Cooling   […]

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Alopecia Areata – It’s About Womens Health, Not Beauty

22nd September 2015

The redemptive story of British MP Nadine Dorries and her return to a full head of hair after a traumatic brush with alopecia.   Nadine Dorries was well-known to British readers as an outspoken and rebellious backbench Member of Parliament on the ruling Conservative side. Her views on a range of topics had meant she […]

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Can A Pair Of Tweezers Cure Baldness?

21st September 2015

In findings that have huge potential for the treatment of alopecia, researchers have demonstrated that strategic plucking can lead to even more hairs growing back. See the original article from Futurity by clicking here. By plucking 200 hairs from the back of a mouse in a specific pattern, the researchers discovered that up to 1,200 […]

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Shocking YouGov Survey Confirms Dubai As Hair Loss Hotspot

20th September 2015

For years there have been stories emanating from the Emirate that hair loss was being experienced by a disproportionately high number of men and women. Any number of theories have been offered as to the cause though significant progress toward understanding has been blocked by authorities understandably reluctant to investigate. Understandable given the scale of […]

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Amanda Seyfried Donates Her Locks To Hair Loss Charity

17th September 2015

The star of Mean Girls, Mamma Mia and Ted 2 has been in the press this month after chopping off her famously long blonde locks and donating them to hair loss charity Locks of Love.   Locks of Love is a charity that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children and young adults in Canada and […]

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Houston Dynamo – Home Of The Shave

16th September 2015

Houston Dynamo, who compete in the Western Conference of Major League Soccer, are hosting their seventh annual Bald is Beautiful head-shaving event, which sees them raise awareness for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. It is followed, as all good charity events should be, by an old fashioned knees-up in a pub. The full press release from […]

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Is There A Link Between Hair Loss And Infertility?

16th September 2015

Here at HIS, we’ve been talking a lot about how hair loss drugs affect your sex life in every which way possible – model Giorgos Tsetis was left in sexual purgatory for six years after excessive dosages of Propecia. However, it’s now been revealed that the quicker you lose your hair, the lower your sperm […]

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