Benji Madden is known to millions as the tattoo heavy Good Charlotte rocker. He is also know to millions more as the husband of Hollywood A-Lister Cameron Diaz. No stranger to outrageous hairstyles over the years he has found an extraordinary way to raise the bar with his latest move. As a man very much in the public eye, not too mention a close to perfect trophy wife, Benji could be forgiven for feeling a tad self-conscious as he slides along the Norwood Scale, put his name into a Google image search and you cant help but notice how hats have become a major feature in recent years.¬† A great candidate for any of the full range of hair loss solutions and treatments.   Benji’s New Head   benji   There is no doubt this is a man who could carry off Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), indeed the original approach he adopted could have had SMP as a superb backdrop, the underlying shaved head could so easily be the work of one of our technicians – I can’t help looking at the pictures and wondering why he didn’t get his temples filled in. Benji’s plan involved shaving his head to the bone before having a tattooist create a dramatic design that covered almost his entire scalp. The design is centred around a huge skull which covers the crown. The skull itself forms the centre-piece for an intricate geometric pattern featuring diamond shaped patterns. The entire work is carefully designed to sit withing his existing, receded hairline.   Is It Really A Good Idea?   bad idea   Lets start at the beginning, getting a traditional tattoo on top of your scalp is an extremely painful experience. The length of a regular tattooists needle and the depth at which it penetrates means it can be excruciating. Not least because your scalp is pretty packed with nerve endings… on any given scalp there will be particular areas which are more sensitive than the rest, this is often the crown where Benji’s tattoo is at it’s most dense. Then of course there are the pigments themselves. A traditional tattoo uses pigments which contain metals – over time this is what will cause a tattoo to turn blue/green and spread to become blurred. Possibly more importantly to Benji though is that should he ever decide he wants to remove the tattoo, those metals will be superheated in a process that may well remove the pigment but not without some scarring… maybe he will find SMP is his perfect answer somewhere down the line. Will He Cope With A Change Of Heart?   hollywood   In conclusion, we can only observe that this is a man who, in his own way, is doing something about his hair loss. Very rock and roll then to get this ink to sit inside his hairline, is almost drawing attention to his receded temples. While he should earn our respect for his adventurous approach many have serious misgivings over the longer term implications of his decision. So he has our respect, but it goes hand in hand with deep concerns about the longer term. Of course, if Benji does ever look into the mirror and ask himself “What have I done?” there is little doubt he can find consolation. Kick back in his Hollywood mansion, while checking his bank balance online and cuddling up to Cameron. But our heartfelt recommendation for when that time comes would be to sit with one of our technicians and do what he should probably have done in the first place and get a world class SMP.



By Ian Watson


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