Platelet Rich Therapy has been around for a while and has been used by surgeons and doctors to aid recovery in a range of treatments. More recently it has been adopted as one of the very latest treatments for hair loss – its ability to use your own body’s regenerative powers to encourage resting follicles back into a growth phase has been exciting the hair loss industry. Now some serious research is being conducted that has some of the worlds leading dermatologists and hair loss clinicians watching very closely as they aim to establish its credentials. We take a closer look. What Are Platelets? Platelets Blood. The vital transport for that which keep us all alive. As well as oxygen it carries red and white cells and other compounds, including platelets, to either keep the body going or protect it against attack. The principal job of a platelet is to recognise damaged cells, they then bind with other platelets to form a blockage around the damage. Effectively sealing it and ensuring no futher damage is caused… they are what stops us bleeding when we cut ourselves. Typically, blood will contain around a 6% density of platelets, while in PRP therapy that density is increased way above 90%. Recuperative Properties chart   This remedial ability was recognised by doctors who, as early as the 19070’s began to use it in surgical theatres as they attempted to aid recovery from major operations…. back then the equipment required was huge and required large amounts of the patients blood. Today the equipment required to prepare a platelet gel for PRP is small by comparison, and needs a relatively tiny amount of blood (anywhere between 20cc and 100cc is normal). The gel has compounds added to it which activate the growth factors prior to injection back into the area to be treated… Those areas of medicine where PRP is established in use to promote healing of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints, it can also be applied to various musculo-skeletal problems. Latest Research Study Details microscope   Building on some earlier research, which indicated that PRP offered benefits to hair loss sufferers after around five sessions, New York University will treating 50 patients, all suffering from alopecia – they will receive either PRP or a placebo. They hope to see the results of PRP improving the flow of blood and nutrients to the resting follicle and produce measurable improvements in growth and density. If you want to discuss your hair loss condition with one of our experts please click here to find your nearest clinic.  



By Ian Watson


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