Platelet Therapy has been around for forty odd years and these days is used in a broad range of treatments. Stem cell technology is altogether more modern. A combination of the two techniques is now being delivered in conjunction with a type of Mesotherapy to provide new hope for hair loss sufferers. What Are Platelets And Stem Cells, And How Are They Used? Platelets Platelets are found in huge numbers in blood, they are small colourless discs that aid clotting. Since the discovery that injecting platelets into injuries promoted faster healing there has been enormous research into their practical applications. Today the list of therapies in which they are involved is staggering. Stem cells are the basic building blocks of all living things. They are cells, found in the embryo, that uniquely have the capacity to grow and become any kind of cell in the body. Their discovery prompted massive research into their potential. On July 12th 2011, at 4.30 in the morning, researchers at UCLA injected retinal cells, derived from embryonic stem cells, into the eyes of two patients with progressive blindness. They would eventually report no adverse reaction and even achieved a small improvement in vision. The promise of stem cells to provide treatments for a range of degenerative illnesses with no existing therapy was profound and a new era had begun. So What is the Latest? Extra Extra! Fast forward to 2015 and the research has reached an area close to our hearts. Hair loss. Platelets are taken from a patient’s own blood using a centrifuge and stem cells from the amniotic fluid of donors. The two are combined and delivered into the area to be treated using tiny needles. The idea is that the needles create a small trauma that activates the cells in the region, activity that is enhanced by the presence of the stem cells which in turn promote the growth of existing hair and encourage previously dormant follicles to start growing hair again. It’s a form of Mesotherapy except that the trauma caused by the needles is an important element of the process, rather than simply using small needles to deliver a treatment into the skin. Where can I sign up? wait in the queue It is very early days for this therapy and the claims are suitably low key. It is not offered as a permanent cure for hair loss yet, but a treatment is expected to provide an improved situation for up to 18 months. Of all the new-fangled offerings this would seem to be right up there in terms of bringing genuine hope of regenerating our sorely missed healthy follicles and bring us back to a full head of hair.



By Ian Watson


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