Women have been using products on their hair and scalp for decades, from back when the constituents used were based on ancient wisdom as opposed to any deep scientific understanding of their qualities. Those days are well and truly behind us, the breathtaking rate of progress in our understanding of human biochemistry and, in particular, how it affects hair loss, has made way for a new generation of products. Products that go beyond the early ambitions of achieving as slightly improved shine to the hair, or perceived additional thickness. Today, with a new grasp of the incredible biochemical complexity, we are both able to produce targeted solutions and scientifically study their efficacy. At its simplest this has seen the identification of caffeine as both capable of reaching the follicle and protecting it against the build-up of harmful hormones. At the other, more cerebral end, of the spectrum there is Minoxidil. A powerful, synthesized medicine that actually does a similar job to the caffeine by breaking down those same harmful hormones, The result is a battery of solutions. For men this can mean tablets, foams, homeopathic treatments and shampoos. Women have the same full range of options available barring the oral medication. Some are officially approved and recognized as having the potential to halt hair loss, some can even offer regrowth. The complimentary nature of many of these treatments mean they can be used in combination with each other to achieve maximised results. Here at HIS we offer a perfect range of medicinal and herbal remedies, alongside shampoos, to meet the needs of any man or woman experiencing any stage of hair loss. Among them you will find a carefully considered blend of the time-tested mixed with the cutting edge. Our experts, through a detailed process of examination and discussion, will build your bespoke course of treatments with the single minded aim of returning you to your best possible condition. For more information about the range of products available for women click here.  For information on products for men, please click here.

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