It is fair to say that when someone finds themselves performing due diligence in an attempt to identify the right surgeon to perform a hair transplant they are not necessarily in the best frame of mind. This can make it all to easy for them to fall prey to any of the huge number of sub-standard clinics willing to separate them from their hard-earned cash. What they can get in return is a lifetime of dealing with the aftermath, of a transplant that simply did not do what had been discussed and leaving the client with a far from perfect outcome. The most bitterly complained about aspect is often the scarring left by inexperienced or simply untalented surgeons. While it can be incredibly difficult to spot the bona fide operators in among the forest of less credible providers, there are certain red flag phrases used by these hair transplant surgeons that can be relied upon to only be used by those willing to shroud the truth in an attempt to book clients.


The Shock Of Discovery

Image result for surprise public domain Most of our readers will be all too familiar with the process of realising that what they had hoped might be a temporary problem is in fact male pattern baldness. Usually spotted first at the temples as the hairline recedes it is only when  hair starts to shed from the top of the head and the crown that the problem becomes pressing. Pressing is of course a euphemism for the range of reactions it can provoke. For some it will be brushed off, for many it will be a source of anxiety and a sad sign of the advance of time. For some it will be a brick wall, something they cannot see past that undermines their confidence completely and has a profoundly negative effect on every aspect of their lives.


Image result for ISHRS In this vulnerable emotional state it is easy to see how they might buy into a well put together website that says all the right things and promises to resolve the problem completely. These eight phrases have been identified by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS) as regularly appearing on the sites of unscrupulous surgeons, if you see any one of them it is a safe bet they are not members of the ISHRS – and that, at the very least, you should tread very carefully if engaging with them.
  • “Scarless surgery”
  • “No incision”
  • “No touch”
  • “No cutting”
  • “Cloning”
  • “Hair multiplication”
  • “Non-invasive”
  • “Eliminates the need for additional procedures”
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By Ian Watson


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