Samsung has teased a list of new products we can look forward to seeing at an upcoming tech show. Included is a device with an app that is built to help us manage our hair and scalp. We look closer. 


Samsung Electronics

We are always pleased to announce newcomers to the hair loss market. This is particularly true when the newcomer has big ambitions and pockets deep enough to attempt to realise them. They do not come much bigger than Samsung. Electronics is just one of the affiliates within the larger Samsung company but it is a vital source of income.  It is the world’s largest information technology company, consumer electronics maker, and chipmaker. For Samsung to enter the hair loss market is wonderful news. We hope.

Samsung Does Hair Loss

For the last five years, Samsung Electronics has attended the world’s largest electronics fair, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  Samsung C Lab is the team that works on their in-house incubation programme. This aims to encourage inventive staff and nurtures them to create new products which they hope will become the next big thing. This is the division that turns up at CES to showcase their latest offerings. 

At this time of year, well ahead of the show itself, Samsung C Lab has taken to announcing some brief detail on what will be on display at this year’s event. Last year they bought their auto-adjusting monitor designed to improve posture for the user. You can see highlights of all the products shown by C Lab going back to 2016 by clicking here


Among this year’s devices is something they are calling Becon. Details remain sketchy at this stage but the picture makes the device look a little like a mobile phone which comes with an application.

We are told it contains a camera and sensors, which scan the scalp condition.  The data is uploaded and analysed, using ‘big data metrics’ before solutions are recommended. It offers to track the condition of your hair over time, presumably learning from the gathered experience. Though that would require volunteers to provide a control group that only used solutions recommended by their app for a sustained period of time. 

HIS Hair Clinic

We are saying the jury is out on Becon and its possible benefits for now. Until some detail can be provided on its efficacy and actual benefits. It might just be an amalgam of a few existing technologies that can do a partial job. It is possible they might be a useful tool for experts, a trichologist might be able to benefit from some of the data produced. But then a trichologist would also take a wider, more holistic view and provide a far more considered set of solutions. 

But that is just a reality check. News that Samsung is entering the hair loss market can only be good. Maybe they will develop an appetite for it, maybe they will encourage others to follow. We will be watching. 

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By IanW


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