Many prospective clients ask about how their appearance will hold up under different lighting scenarios.

We’ve covered this topic before, most notably in this post. The fact is that scalp micropigmentation appears differently under different lighting conditions, and this variation is also different depending on the person and their individual treatment specification. The following photos show the same client in three different lighting situations: lighting1 HIS co-Founder Ian Watson recently took two photos of his own head under two very different lighting conditions. image2 The photo above was taken in a dimly lit bathroom. The lighting was not as bright as the photo suggests. As anyone who has tried will confirm, capturing the true lighting type on camera is not easy. image1 This photo was taken a couple of minutes later in a brightly lit elevator. It is important to mention that men without scalp micropigmentation who have shaved their heads experience exactly the same, in fact even a dense head of shaven hair can appear transparent and almost invisible under bright lights. There is a related discussion taking place in our forum here.



By Damien


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