Traditional treatment options for alopecia sufferers do not always work, or work as well as expected, and any benefit is usually temporary.

However, a permanent solution to hide the effects of alopecia now exists, and it is helping thousands of men around the world to regain their confidence.

chris alopecia treatment

Our innovative hair loss treatment has been adopted on every continent as a truly viable alternative to other alopecia solutions such as hair systems, concealers, corticosteroid injections, topical corticosteroid creams and lotions, immunotherapy, dithranol creams and minoxidil. Although these treatments do show positive results for some, Scalp Micropigmentation remains the only guaranteed, permanent, low maintenance and safe treatment option.


Alopecia is defined as a hair loss disease that affects men, women and children. The onset of hair loss is often sudden, random and frequently recurrent. Prior to Scalp Micropigmentation there was no real alopecia treatment available.

There is no one particular cause of the problem, in fact there are still many questions as to what can trigger alopecia, but we do know it is an autoimmune disorder that causes the body to attack the hair follicles, and is linked to stress and anxiety disorders. Sometimes a viral or bacterial infection is identified as the cause.

Alopecia in children is not uncommon. It is often a sign they are under some form of duress. The stress could be due to an accident or even being bullied at school. Any sign of hair loss should be seen by a consultant who can look into the causes. Children are quick to react and the onset of alopecia could be sudden.

Prevalence figures show that alopecia affects approximately 1.7 percent of the population, with both men and women being equally affected. About 25% of alopecia sufferers have a family history of the disorder.

andys alopecia treatment

The above client was showing the symptoms of advanced alopecia totalis. His Scalp Micropigmentation treatment was performed at HIS Hair Clinic, and he was able to return to a normal life without his previous anxieties shortly after.


For many sufferers, an alopecia treatment like Scalp Micropigmentation will be greatly welcomed. SMP® is a suitable alopecia treatment for all skin types, including white, black, Asian and oriental skin tones, and can help with all types of alopecia related hair loss.

SMP® is a highly advanced process, during which tiny deposits of specialist pigment are placed within the upper dermis of the skin. When applied by a skilled practitioner, these deposits accurately replicate real shaven hair follicles, and together provide an indistinguishable illusion of a real head of hair.

This treatment is safe, effective and permanent, and causes no damage to your hair follicles to ensure that your real hair has every opportunity to grow back in the future.

For further information about alopecia, there are several sites worth visiting that specialise in the subject. You can also speak with other alopecia sufferers in our forum, or feel free to contact us directly for impartial advice. For more examples of how we’ve successfully camouflaged all kinds of Alopecia please see our Gallery and Case Studies section.


We have published a series of posts providing more information about each of the common forms of alopecia:

While the disease itself is not damaging to the person's health, coping with alopecia hair loss can prove challenging. The onset of alopecia is often swift and without any prior warning, and although the symptoms may be temporary for some, for others the condition may last a lifetime

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