We receive many questions about how the treatments are spaced out and what is the optimal timing between treatments. This is especially important to many clients because they are traveling from far distances to reach our clinics and need or want the most expedited scheduling. Below are the answers to many of these important concerns.

What is the normal schedule that HIS follows for multiple treatments?

The common pathway to being treated, is to have your initial treatment on a certain date with your second treatment five (5) to seven (7) days later, and with your third treatment five (5) days after that. Any following treatments we would try to schedule roughly thirty (30) days after that to assess overall fading and density levels.

I have a heavy work schedule and would like more tightly spaced treatments. Is this possible?

The most expedient route that HIS will allow is spacing of five to seven days between treatments. For example, three appointments scheduled over ten to eleven days business days. The reason for this is that the scalp must be allowed to rest and heal between treatments.

What is the cautious route for multiple treatments?

That would be to have the initial treatment on a specific scheduled day with the second treatment coming seven days after the first, and with the third treatment coming thirty (30) days after the second.

How are treatments normally scheduled?

Common HIS practice is to schedule your first treatment and your second treatment about five to seven days apart. This helps to lay down the overall foundation of pigmentation on the scalp, and so that the client can begin to see noticeable results quickly. The third treatment (if a third is necessary) will usually follow from one week to one month after the second. Any additional treatments will often follow at two to three week intervals after that.

How many treatments do most clients actually need?

Normally, two to three treatment sessions are required, although some clients require more. Clients only needing slight pigmentation for an existing hairline can be done fairly quickly. At the other end of the scale would be clients who have little natural hair remaining (Norwood VII) and need a total SMP application over the entire scalp.

How long is a typical appointment?

About three to four hours. The first thirty minutes is spent completing documentation. The next one hour is spent discussing the hairline and marking it with a wax pencil. The actual treatment then begins and depending upon the area to be covered can take from thirty minutes to five hours.

Can I book my appointment dates in advance?

Yes. Once you have received an official HIS quote and are sure that SMP is the right choice for you, then your appointment dates can be set up. All of your dates can be arranged according to your work or family schedule.

How long is the wait time to get into a clinic?

Typically, about two months. The wait time will depend upon the clinic you wish to have the treatments done at, and the number of prior clients awaiting treatment at that clinic. To check for available appointment times at the clinic closest to you, please email info@hishairclinic.com (UK, other EU countries and all International) or usa@hishairclinic.com (USA and Canada).

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