SMP® Hairline Options

Recreating the most natural hairlines possible

With over 18 years’ experience, we have continuously strived for perfection; refining and improving our SMP technique and artistic skills to enable us to recreate the most natural looking hairlines. Since inventing SMP, lots of names are now used to describe SMP hairlines such as broken, jagged, lined, defined, feathered, scattered, receded, dusted, faded and so on. We strongly believe whatever name is used to describe a SMP hairline, ultimately the end result should be natural, realistic and totally undetectable.

Hair does not grow in single hair groupings, most hair grows in groups of 1, 2, 3 or 4 hairs. These groups of hairs are referred to as a graft. On average each person has 2 hairs in each group. Real hairlines generally have less hair in the graft (typically 1 and 2 groupings) and at HIS Hair we create all our hairlines adopting this principle. Our expert precision allows us to place less density and finer graft replications (micro points) on the hairline to create the most natural looking and realistic hairlines that are undetectable.


Natural Hairline Effect SMP London1

Seamless blend

SMP was blended seamlessly into areas of remaining hair to achieve a consistent and natural integration meaning even on close inspection and under bright lights it is impossible to detect where real hair finished and SMP started. Less definitely means more when it comes to natural looking SMP hairlines, less density, less colour pigment and less SMP technique pressure is applied to create the desired result.

Natural Hairlines with Scalp Micropigmentation1

Faux scars

Adding a faux scar (or two in this case) adds to the authenticity of finished results, deflecting attention away from the hairline. The natural curvature of the recreated hairline also helps to achieve an ultra realistic and natural look.

Natural Hairline Effect SMP Birmingham1

Edge / cut-out

Some clients want to create a tramline or a edged cut-out to add to the overall design of their hairline. This effect creates a hairline as if their barber as purposely cut-out / edged a line into their hairline. Often this type of request goes with a more defined / barber lined hairline but it can still look very natural providing the hairline is recreated in a natural position.

Natural Hairlines with Scalp Micropigmentation Birmingham1

Full density

It is still possible to achieve a very natural hairline with maximum SMP density. A consistent application from crown / vertex, mid-scalp and right down including into the hairline creates a full, thick and very strong looking hairline. This approach results in a natural looking buzz cut hairline rather than a skin tight razor shaven hairline.

Natural Hairline SMP1

Alopecia camouflage

Alopecia can randomly leave completely bald patches, thinning areas and in some cases even cause scalp scarring. By adding SMP into areas of the scalp that have no hair, thinning patches and scarring creates a fuller look and eliminates the bald visible patches. By only slightly strengthening the hairline achieves a realistic look that mimics the size of remaining hair follicles, whilst sufficiently camouflaging the small Alopcia scars that were previously visible.

Natural Hairlines with Scalp Micropigmentation London1

Male Pattern Baldness (MPB)

Some clients prefer to look as if they have early signs of MPB. They opt for a general thinning look all over rather than full density on their crown and top of their head. In order for this type of effect to work it is necessary to create a thinning hairline to subtly match the top of the head. This type of thinning and MPB result can be achieved by changing the density of SMP replications per square inch and varying the colour of pigments throughout the scalp.

Natural Hairlines with SMP Birmingham1

Grey hair (shaven)

Although not absolutely necessary, some clients choose to shave any remaining grey hair so they are not restricted or influenced in anyway by the colour of their remaining hair. A clean shaven look is particular popular when a client has a high percentage of remaining grey hair that generally still grows on the back of their head. By opting for a shorter hair style a darker pigment colour can be used to create a more darker, but still very natural looking hairline and finished result.

SMP for buzzed grey hair

Grey hair (buzzed, clipped)

Some clients prefer a ‘buzz cut’ look so chose not to shave any remaining grey hair. Generally a zero guard or number one grade length can still be achieved. As was the case with this particular client, a darker colour pigment was sprinkled throughout the scalp to create a ‘salt & pepper’ effect. By adding density and a range of different colour pigment complements any remaining grey hair, adds density and depth of colour whilst at the same time achieving a very natural hairline.

Natural Hairlines with SMP1

Skin fade

It is possible to leave a slightly longer hair length on top and still have a natural looking recreated SMP hairline, one that is positioned lower than any remaining hair that still grows. By lowering and recreating a new SMP hairline, providing some pigment is also added into the balding and receding areas, a skin faded look is both achievable and can look ultra stylish.

Natural Hairline Effect SMP1

SMP & FUE combined

Real hair on the hairline extenuates the realism of SMP creating a super natural and real 3D hairline. SMP and FUE combination treatment undoubtedly achieves the most natural looking hairlines. Following hair transplant surgery some clients add SMP in-between the transplanted hair to compliment their hairline. The instruments used in hair transplant surgery leave small gaps between the transplanted grafts. SMP is a more precise technique that can effectively close the gaps between the grafts creating a natural hairline that look more fuller and not patchy.

Natural Hairlines with SMP London1

Random scatter

A completely random approach and skill full application is taken by diligently scattering irregular micro points of pigment very sparsely. Often this type of natural hairline is more suited for older clients who want to age gracefully with a natural receding look. No straight or harsh lines are used, no symmetry is added to the hairline, generally a receded shape is adopted that is unbalanced to create a very natural, age related and somewhat irregular but still natural looking hairline.

SMP Jagged Hairlines

Jagged / broken

A jagged or broken hairline is ultra realistic and provides the perfect illusion of a natural, soft and real looking hairline. Again this type of natural hairline complements any remaining hair, what ever the colour. Generally the first thing people notice / look at is a person’s hairline. At HIS Hair we are perfectionists when it come to hairline reconstruction, it’s what sets us apart from other SMP providers. A natural looking hairline should look natural, it’s shouldn’t bring any unwanted attention to someone’s hairline, that the last thing a balding man needs! Keep it real, keep it HIS.

SMP for receded temples

Receded / rounded temples

A receding hairline can often mean rounded corners at the temples with side profiles starting to recede backwards and lose their original shape. This type of hairline option can look very natural, particularly with older clients who want their SMP to look age related with a naturally receding look.

SMP with Scars

Real Scars

We are frequently asked to add faux scars when we design our clients’ new hairlines, prior to commencing our Scalp MicroPigmentation treatment. If a client has a small real scar on their head we often recommend they leave the scar untreated by SMP to add realism to their recreated hairline; after all these types of scar aren’t caused by hair loss so will only add to the overall natural effect.

Defined SMP hairline


Adding definition and strength to a SMP hairline means adding more pigment on the perimeter of the hairline. This hairline option can still look very natural and realistic if performed correctly. It is important to draw this type of hairline with rounded shape and in a realistic position. Although this type of hairline is not recommended for all clients, this type of look and result does suit certain clients in terms of their look and their type of personality.

Widow’s peak

If your hairline comes together in a downward V-shape at the centre of your forehead, this is often referred to as a widow’s peak hairline. This type of hairline is higher on the sides and has a low point in the middle of the forehead. The widow’s peak can be quite distinctive in some people, while others have just the hint of one, as is the case with this client. It is very important to recreate the widow’s peak carefully and skilfully, otherwise it can end up looking more like a Dracula hairline.