Temporary SMP®

Also known as TricoPigmentation

A permanent solution is not for everybody, so you now have the option of a high quality, less permanent solution to accommodate both cosmetic and cultural requirements.

Unlike the pigments used for our other treatments, temporary pigments are purposely designed to more easily break down and naturally fade within the body. This accelerated reaction occurs due to the makeup of the pigment. Nowadays temporary Scalp MicroPigmentation is often referred to as tricopigmentation.

Temporary pigment particle sizes are smaller and therefore are broken down more quickly and removed from the body via your immune system. The pigment typically starts to fade from around 6 to 18 months after the treatment although not necessarily evenly or completely. This option typically requires a further application after 12 months depending on skin type, tone, desired effect, and time exposed to UV. The shade on the scalp surface may last 2-3 years with this type of pigment but is still likely to reside in the dermal layer for longer although overall longevity will depend on the individual areas of treatment, age, immune system, complexion, and exposure to UV.


Our trademarked SMP technique enables us to produce exacting standards with repeatable success, whether we use permanent or temporary pigments. Specifically designed for this type of temporary result, we select only the very best pigments to produce a shade to match your complexion and desired effect.

What are the advantages of temporary SMP?

We receive a number of requests for a temporary solution from our clients. The primary motivation behind these requests is the ability to ‘test the water’ before choosing our permanent treatment. The client has the opportunity to get used to their new look and decide if it is one they are happy to live with on a long term basis. A routine of shaving and moisturising can also be established, to really get to know how compatible a typical maintenance regimen is with your general lifestyle. In many ways, temporary SMP is like a trial run before committing to the real thing.

What are the disadvantages?

By their very nature, temporary pigments do not last very long. If you love your new treatment and want to maintain your new style but you chose temporary pigmentation, you will need further sessions to either refresh your temporary treatment, or you will need a permanent application. Neither of these options present a problem, however you will incur additional treatment costs as well as the costs and time associated with time off work, travel and accommodation.

What is the alternative?

We offer temporary solutions in response to client demand, however it is important to recognise that our permanent treatments can still be revised or removed entirely with relative ease. The removal process is completed using 1-2 laser sessions at our Harley Street clinic in London, or we can suggest an alternative laser specialist in your country or state of residence. In most cases we suggest that a permanent treatment would be a better option due to the obvious cost savings and ease of removal should you change your mind, however we are happy to apply temporary treatments for those clients who feel more comfortable with this option.

Permanent or temporary, the same high standard is our guarantee

The only difference between our permanent and temporary solutions is the pigment used. A small number of providers offer temporary treatments, however most receive just a few days of contracted training before offering their service to the general public. Poor results are already starting to be seen from clinics around the world, an unfortunate consequence of too many inexperienced practitioners operating in the market in the pursuit of a fast buck. At HIS Hair Clinic our temporary treatments are backed by our world-leading training program, applied by the world’s finest practitioners and all underpinned by our ongoing commitment to fantastic client service. You can rightfully expect the same impeccable standards from HIS Hair Clinic, whether you choose one of our temporary or permanent solutions.

HIS Hair Clinic is the only leading SMP clinic with a commitment to research and development of the SMP process and application. This development work has now allowed us to offer a temporary SMP solution to compliment our main offering. Many clients have enquired about a temporary option, and we have worked hard to deliver this for our clients.

SMP® is a specialist application that is applied directly to the scalp to replicate the natural appearance of real hair follicles. SMP® is widely regarded as the most advanced treatment of its kind available in the world today, using pigments and application methods that are specifically designed to create the most realistic illusion of hair possible.