Textured 3D SMP®

FUE and SMP combo

HIS Hair Clinic are globally accredited as the pioneers of Scalp MicroPigmentation. Our SMP technique was developed over 18 years ago to create the most realistic 3D effect on the scalp to disguise various forms of hair loss.

The illusion our SMP technique achieves has always been incredible and even on close inspection the results look like real hair follicles. Our SMP technique was developed and mastered over several years of trials to perfect our results. The way we created our technique was by performing a course of different treatment sessions, usually with 2 or 3 individual treatment sessions. This method and approach allowed us to initially create a foundation with a lighter base colour on the first session then on subsequent sessions precisely and skilfully place a new layer of slightly darker colour pigments using our micro-fine needles to create the look of hair follicles with a 3D effect on a 2D scalp surface.

Interestingly many years ago our competition used to play marketing tricks like saying “don’t go to HIS because you need more than one session, come to us and we can do it in one session”. A number of competitors also say that they developed 3D by trying to do what we have been doing successfully from day one with our SMP technique. HIS Hair Clinic have always pushed the boundaries, constantly innovating to create the very best results worldwide. With this philosophy at the heart of everything we do we are very pleased to announce we now offer a Textured SMP that creates real 3D effect.


Our Textured SMP combines SMP and a FUE hair transplant. We have successfully completed all our trials and once again our CEO & Co founder Ian Watson was happy to have the treatment to fully understand and personally know how this combined treatment should be performed to achieve the very best possible outcome. We now offer a combined SMP and FUE to create the perfect real 3D SMP result, we are once again the innovators and pioneers of this advancement in Scalp MicroPigmentation SMP.

SMP® technique process itself uses state of the art computerised equipment. We use a range of specialist, single-use sterile micro needles to penetrate the dermal layer of the skin. We apply a variety of different shades of specifically blended pigments to guarantee consistent replication of the specific size, shape and density of hair replications and micro hairs. We use different SMP® techniques over the course of treatment to achieve outstanding natural looking results every time. SMP® follows a specifically developed process, whilst utilising a range of different techniques to penetrate the dermis of the skin. This creates the simulation of real looking hair follicles and micro hairs, that are replicated consistently and effectively.

The replication of each hair follicle is a detailed process, each one being treated as an individual task. Only by applying this level of attention to detail can the most outstanding, consistent results be achieved.

With special help from our close working partners who are some of the worlds leading hair restoration / transplant surgeons we can provide Textured SMP results at extremely competitive prices across the globe. To find out more about this exciting development please click here for more information and a free quotation.