These changing requirements were inevitable when we developed SMP, so we created a treatment from the very beginning with this in mind.

Raising your hairline

As you get older, it is possible that you may desire a slightly higher hairline to simulate a receded appearance. Many of our clients feel that a slightly receded look is a more natural appearance for an older man, therefore at some point you may with to raise your frontal hairline to create this illusion.

Softening your hairline

Many of our younger clients request stylish, heavily defined frontal hairlines for a slick, modern look. Over time trends do change, and as the client gets older, they may wish for a more subtle appearance. “Breaking up” a hairline is straightforward and can be performed at any stage during or after the initial treatment, or even many years into the future.

Changing your side profiles

Side profiles, or sideburns as they are often called, come in all shapes and sizes. Just as most men style their sides differently over an extended period of time, you may also wish to change their shape to make them more or less defined.


Changing your pigment colour

A common question often asked by our clients is about what happens when their remaining ‘real’ hair starts to turn grey. Altering the variety of pigment colours on your scalp to blend with your greying hair is straightforward, and may not necessarily require a removal procedure beforehand. Please ask your practitioner for more information. We use specialist laser therapy techniques to remove our SMP® pigments, as this method causes no scarring and very little discomfort. Laser sessions must be at least 6 weeks apart however unlike tattoo inks that are deposited much deeper into the skin, SMP pigments usually require just 1-2 sessions to remove, making the process much more comfortable and straightforward.

Complete removal of a treatment

Using laser techniques, it is even possible to completely reverse your treatment by removing all pigments entirely. Although only one client has ever requested a complete removal (the client in question changed his mind), we feel it is important to provide all our clients with the option to do so. We are also able to remove treatments applied by other companies. These treatments are not always satisfactory and we receive many requests of this nature. The following video shows Andre who experienced this problem.

A treatment for life

We all change as we get older. As time progresses, you may find that you’d prefer your hairline a little higher, your side profiles slightly receded or your pigment colour to lighten. That super-slick style you chose in your 20’s or 30’s might not be so appropriate later on. The video below shows Colin, a 55 year old client of HIS. Whilst Colin is by no means the oldest client we’ve ever treated (some of our clients are in their 60’s and even 70’s), his case illustrates how the treatment can be applied in an age appropriate manner. As you age, you’ll be able to change the way you look to suit your changing lifestyle.

At some point in the future, it is possible that you will want to adapt your treatment to suit your age or changing preferences. Thats why we developed SMP to be as flexible as you need it to be.