Eventually, Shahbaz’ continuing hair loss made him feel depressed. He tried laser therapy but it didn’t work. He even considered hair systems, but there were just too many compromises that would have made the option impossible for him to live with. After his first session in December 2011, Shahbaz made a minor adjustment to the style he had originally asked for, and following his second and final session, he is now really happy with the results. Please note Shahbaz’s photos still show significant redness following his treatment sessions. This redness usually subsides within 2-3 days.



By Damien


  1. ashif perwaiz says:

    that is amazing are you still pleased with it?? Im still new to this! and what did you ask for? coz im getting mine done at london on 26 may so could you give me some advise please??

    thank you

  2. daniel says:

    WOW You look really good I am doing this..I know how it feels to wear a cap everywhere…this is awesome…

  3. Zuber Malek says:

    Hey bro nice work I really like how it came out, I absolutley want to get this procedure done, my only problem is this haraam? I know its considered tattooing and that is haraam, I want to know a way around this because I want to have this done. Please respond back on your opinion

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