A couple of stories have hit the headlines in the last few days that between them demonstrate the state of flux the media can get themselves into when it comes to articles about celebrity hair. Breaking News extra First there was an example of the very worst type of coverage. Essentially the story should have read “Hollywood A-lister has haircut”. But even in this modern world stuffed full of celeb blogs and twitters there is very little interest in a man’s haircut, unless the man in question was David Beckham. The second story, infinitely more life-affirming, came to us via the unlikely route of Celebrity Big Brother currently airing the in the UK. It may well be running concurrently in the US too… the format has seen them fill the house with used to be’s from both sides of the Atlantic. Reports suggest it is the usual fare of flaky ego’s clashing, mostly about food and alcohol. But as an antidote to the first story it threw up an absolute gem. He Is Not Bald! labouef Shia LeBouef has been kicking around Hollywood since he was a kid doing turns on the Disney Channel. Like others before him he left Disney and went on to an A list career in the entertainment industry – notably in Disturbia and the Transformers series. As an authentic A-lister we recognize that Shia’s fashion choices are, for some, worthy of mention. But this was not an article about a haircut. Everywhere the story broke, and it broke everywhere, it ran under a headline that declared Shia as having gone bald. He has not gone bald. He has a full head of hair with a buzz cut. The fact that this was only made into a story by adding the word bald reflects the sad approach to the condition – what must it do to young impressionable men suffering hair loss, or for the ability of those around them who care to provide support? Armagosto Comes Out As Porter Supporter porter The bald Labouef story was still rankling when the second story came across the wires. In the Celebrity Big Brother house Gail Porter, TV presenter and all round nice girl, was sharing the experience of suddenly losing all your hair, which happened to her during the split from her husband 10 years ago. It was emotional stuff and touched a chord with one of her American house mates – by the name of Austin Armacost. Austin gallantly bought out his clippers and asked Gail to shave his hair off so he could show his support. So it would seem that how a newspaper feels about being bald would depend on which of the pages you are reading. Positive or uplifting stories will be buried away on a snippet somewhere among the adverts. But if a celeb hits Norwood 2 it could well make the front page.



By Ian Watson


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